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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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You Can Easily Make Money With Us

How Can You Easily Make Money with Us?

Simply tell people you know about us. It is really that simple.

In order to understand how it really is that easy to make money with us there are some things I have to explain to you first.

The reason it is so easy is because of computers.

We can give you "your own web link" that is linked to our web site.
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Then when you send out an email to tell the people you know about us, the computers will automatically track everyone who clicks through "your link"

Then anytime those people who clicked through your link even once buy from us in the future you will automatically get a percentage of what they purchased.

What happens behind the scenes is "your own web link" actually links to my shopping cart system. Your link is basically telling my servers to put a cookie on the person's computer who clicked through your link and send them to my web site. Then at any point in the future (up to 10 years later) when that person buys something from any of my web sites, you automatically get a percentage of that sale.

A cookie is basically a small bit of specific information that gets put on people's computers. This is something that web sites put on yours and everyone else's computer all the time and you never know it.

My shopping cart system then checks the person's computer for cookies with the information of who sent them to my web site. So if a cookie with your information is on their computer, you will get paid.

To get "your own web link" You simply fill out a form. You will then get an email with your unique link that you can send to people you know. I even give you sample emails that you can cut and paste to send to people.

Click Here to get your own web link (which is joining our affiliate program) for telling people about my site and how it can help them and you can begin making money with us.

After you sign up you will get emails giving you your unique links and emails that you can cut and paste to send to the people you know.

So you know, this is what is called an affiliate program everywhere else on the internet.

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