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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?


I would recommend everyone who has or wants to prevent cancer, read this page first. If you do not understand any of the facts below, simply read the supporting information – just click on the links underlined in blue. They will explain the concepts more thoroughly.

1. You must treat the person, not just the cancer. It doesn’t matter what type of cancer, or how far it has advanced, or metastasized, or whatever. You must treat the causes behind why someone got the cancer in the first place. (click on the not just one cause of cancer link below for how you treat the individual person)

2. You must understand there is NOT just one cause of cancer. There are many contributing factors to cancer.

3. You must understand what is cancer, how does cancer form, how does cancer come about, and who gets cancer.

4. You must increase the function of your immune system to help heal your body from cancer. Essiac is a great herb tea used for doing this, see below.

5. You must decrease the things contributing to cancerous cells in your body.

6. Chemo and Radiation are poisons and do not help the body be healthier and the medical cancer statistics are skewed.

7. You must change the things in your life that were causing the cancer, to prevent cancerous cells from coming back.

I know many natural health care practitioners who are helping 80-90% of the people they see heal themselves of cancer, and this is usually with people the medical symptoms and disease care system has given up on. I think the numbers would be even better if natural practitioners got the “easy” cases as well.

So what can you do to help your body heal when you expressing symptoms of cancer? There are a few things that have shown to be very beneficial that you can add to anything you are already doing.

1. The biggest one is adding to your level of health. Doing what it takes to increase the level of health in your body. Doing at least 7 things every day to increase your health and wellness. If you don’t know exactly what this means, read my book, “The Creator’s Manual for Your Body”.

2. Another is an herb/tea mixture called Essiac. It is a specific combination of herbs that you make into a tea and drink. It has produced miracles for people who have had no other hope.

There is a book called “Essiac – The Secrets of Rene Caisse’s Herbal Pharmacy” by Sheila snow and Mali Klein.

I sell the Essiac formula on my website, and with a little bit of time, you can make it yourself for really, really cheap. I tell you how to make it yourself if you want here.

You can also buy Essiac for unreasonable amounts of money elsewhere on the internet. But I wouldn’t recommend this.

That is the cheapest you will find it anywhere. Why? Because my friend is an herbologist and mixes it up himself.

You then make the herb combination into a tea yourself.

I would use Essiac if I had cancer no matter what else you choose to do. The worst case scenario is the Essiac tea does nothing. The best case is it completely helps your body heal itself of the cancer.

Can the doctors say that about the chemo? Or radiation? Or surgery?

Anything that helps your immune system can also benefit you. Mainly because it is your immune system that gets rid of the cancer cells on a day-to-day basis. So if your immune system is working better, so will your body’s ability to get rid of cancer cells. So remember, cancer is not everything your medical doctor necessarily says it is. Follow your inner knowing and do what your inner knowing tells you to do.

3. Find a practitioner or doctor who understands theses concepts who will help you figure out what is causing you to produce more cancer cells and what is causing your immune system function to be decreased. Then you can do the things to reduce the amount of cancer cells you produce and increase the function of your immune system.

Dr. Rakowski is one of the leading doctors in natural cancer treatment.
You can either see him, or ask him for a referral in your area.
Contact Dr. Rakowski at (281) 286-6040 or

Dr. Ron Ledoux is one of Dr. Rakowski’s students.
763-546-3736 – crystal MN
He is an excellent cancer specialist near Minneapolis MN.
I would trust him with my life, my mom’s life, etc. I just happen to know him so I added him to this list.


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