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Action Steps
Eliminate Obesogens
Watching Movies (again)
Letting Go
Asking for...
Look for Humor
Awesome Effortless Relationships
Granting Beingness
Eliminate Confusion
Serve Others
30 Minutes of Focus
Go with the Flow
Play Classical Music
Observe for Stress Relief
Ask for help
Watch Revolver
Releasing Your Self Concepts
Changing Your Thinking
Be Response Able
Ask once each day
Practice Remembering Names
Write Down Your Accomplishments
Each Day
Letting go of negative thoughts
watch this short video
Meditate for Plans
Meditate for Plans
Find Your Purpose
Check Your Water Intake
Accept what is Now
Important Messages
Take Action
What do Tiger Woods...
Don't Know You Don't Know
Be patient and plan
Never Give Up
Do Your Goals Step
Do Your Goals Step
Do Your Goals Step
Do Your Goals Step 4
Do Your Goals Step 3
Do Your Goals Step 2
Do Your New Years Goals
Lists of Favorites
Be Loving and Forgiving
Drink Water
Watch a Movie
Reprogramming Unconscious Beliefs
Watch a Movie
Eliminate Worry
Being Peaceful
Pareto's Principle
Time Management
Wake Up
What Is Important?
Letting Go
Choosing Friends
Favorite Seminars
Watch a Movie
Confused About Supplements?
Get Enough EFA's
Buy Zerose
Yes and No
Create Two Lists
Watch a Movie
Watch The Secret
Verbalize What You Want
Accepting What IS
Retirement Savings
Retirement SEP Accounts
Get a Vision
Watch this short video
Take a Seminar
Get my Stress Management DVD
Take 10 Minutes Now
Take Action
Take Action
Changing Beliefs
Tell Someone
Forgive Yourself
Landmark Education
A Course in Miracles
Levels of Thinking
Change Your Beliefs
Muscle Soreness
Serving Your?
Choosing Beliefs
Both instead of Either
Love is Acceptance
Get Help
Work with Other People
Wisdom from Within
Wisdom from Within
Thankful list
Deep Love
Emotions and Thought
Default Happy Thoughts
Write Out...
Love Yourself
Change your beliefs
Time for Yourself
Create a Picture
Pick a Thought
Be Grateful
Watch a free Movie
Making Better Choices
Inner Knowing Difference
Ask great questions
Give up your rules
Watch a Movie
Be Loving
Daily Water
Drink Water
Be Grateful
Add to your health
Watch this Movie
Sun Block
Change Your Beliefs
Get Adjusted
10 Full Breaths
Yogurt Snacks
Throw out Rules
Where you Shop
Reprogram Your RAS
Give up knowing
Eat Less Trans-Fats
Eat Less Trans-Fats
Connection & Oneness
Belief Changes
Air Purifier
Home Air Purifier
Ask Better Questions
Bazuji Action Step of the Week
Start reading labels for a while
Eating One Meal
Physical Activity
Eat Before a Party
Bring Your Own Deserts
Be Grateful
Be Playful
Find New Favorites
Be Your Inner Knowing
Become Informed
Donít Fight or Change the Ego
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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

What do Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Joe Montana...

What do Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Joe Montana, Gabriel Batistuta and other great people have in common?

They all have a Mentor or Coach

Tiger woods, probably the best golfer in the world, has someone who helps him be even better. Is anything wrong with his game, does he “need” a coach. Nope. He does it because he wants to be better.

Are we in a downsizing or hiring environment in the workplace?

Are we in a growing economy with new customers and extra money or are people tightening up their spending?

How many other people below you do you think want your job right now?

So if Tiger woods didn’t practice his strengths in golf, or if any of the people who are ahead of the game didn’t keep their strong skills strong with a coach or mentor, what would happen to their game?

If Tiger or others didn’t keep up on their game they were already good at, what would happen?

So if you don’t keep up on your game, on your strengths at work, what do you think will happen?

Having a Coach or mentor helps you make sure you stay at the top of your game so other people to pass you up and put you out.

I have recently started offering mentoring services to people. I am doing a simple 15 minute call with all people who are interested at no charge, to make sure that we are both a good fit before you actually decide if you want my mentoring services.

P.S. I have a very simple guarantee.

Do a full months of guidance, and if are not 100% satisfied, I will give you a refund in full. No hassle. No hard feelings. No long term contracts. You can stop using my services at any time.

I don't think you should risk a thing... and I know that I'm not risking anything by offering you this no-lose insurance.

P.P.S. After the 10 spots are filled, I will not be taking on any more clients. So don’t wait if you are interested, because there may not be a "next time."

Go here to sign up for the 15 minute Free initial consultation


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