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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

Life Transformation


What do you mean by Life Transformation?
I've recently become very interested in things of this nature, meaning any other means to feel better besides going to the docotors office. Let me know!


Your experience of EVERYTHING in life is DIRECTLY related to your "inner self" which includes your mind, body and spirit.

And when you have all of these functioning at their peak what you experience is Constant bliss in the face of ALL "circumstances" in life no matter what they are. What you feel is complete freedom to be whatever you want to be. What you see is a "perfect" world despite it's "imperfections" -- Your Life becomes that which you have always wanted, but became resigned in your 'perceived' ability to 'easily' create.

For a taste of it, you can go to the landmark forum. They are in Chicago every other weekend almost.

and that is only the beginning.


What service exactly do you offer? Sounds like you do life coaching?


Uh, nope. Good guess though.

I transform your body, your mind, and your spirit (actually, just release the stuff blocking spirit so it appears to transform).

Life coaches usually only deal with the conscious mind, which is only 2% of mind. And forget the other two aspects entirely.

I physically work with your body, consciously work with your mind, unconsciously work with your non-conscious mind - and Spiritually bring forth your true self.

I have a plethora of techniques, systems, strategies and ways to help people do this. And it is usually in relation to some specific goal, outcome, or desire a person has.

I am creating a word for it, but have not found the perfect thing yet.

Making a Huge difference in the World!


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