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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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Natural cure for morning sickness

This is an email question answer from someone with morning sickness.

-----Original Message-----

Hi Jamie

Why do pregnant woman get nauseas/morning sicknesses during the first trimester? What exactly happens?

I am pregnant, and I know for the first time in life suffering from heartburn from anything I eat. I have been told to try drinking milk, but milk and water are some of the drinks that make me nauseous as a result I suffer from constipation. Can I try medications such as Mayogel or Gaviscon? And won't they affect my baby? And my diet is not that bad as I try to eat veggies, fruits and whole-wheat breakfast.

Answer: Morning Sickness Natural Cure

This is an easy question

Why they get it is a protective mechanism of the baby. So poisons and toxins are less likely to get into the baby and affect its development

When you already have it, Ginger works really well to help reduce morning sickness. You can get ginger tablets or just by ginger root and eat it. Ginger is also good for motion or car sickness as well.

What is the cause of morning sickness and how do you prevent it?

The 2 most common things to help with morning sickness

1. eat healthy organic food - listen to your body - there will be foods that are less nauseating - sometimes the effect is a day delay - and not even from food you eat in the morning.

For example, if you eat some toxic food the night before, that might cause morning sickness a day or two later.

Sugar (refined carbs) is often a food that will cause morning sickness Pay attention and keep a food journal, and often just choosing different foods can eliminate morning sickness

2. an allergy to the fetus (or placenta or something like that) - just like people would be allergic to mold, or pollen or other things. They can be allergic to the newly developing person inside of them. T.B.M. is one of the best ways to eliminate allergies. The Body Talk System is another. And my 3rd Favorite - NEAT is another technique that can help eliminate allergies.

And Medications?

All medications will affect your baby. It is just a matter of how much. And that is completely unknown, everyone is different. I don’t take any medications, and you will have to decide for yourself what is best for you. But I also do what is necessary to keep my body well.

Eating Good food?

Great job on your diet. But even "good" food can cause morning sickness.

Like it might be carrots that bring about the nauseous feeling. Or apples, or whole-wheat, etc.

That is why I suggested keeping a food journal. And Keeping a "feeling" journal.

Because it is probably 3-5 foods that you eat that are causing you to feel nauseous, and like I said below, it may not be immediately. It may have a day or two lag. For example, every time you eat grains (whole or not), 2 days later you always feel nauseous. But it can be any food and any time frame.

What if Water is making you nauseous?

Is it reverse osmosis water? This is the best water I have found, and effects the least amount of people negatively.

People often write me about not being able to drink water.

And I always say, If you are drinking Reverse Osmosis Water, make yourself drink it for 1 week.

What most people find, is that after a week of drinking quality water, their body now likes it. For many they have never drank enough good quality water, so their body is literally learning what to do with it again.

Also, as I said above, it could be an allergy. Doing work with a practitioner in your area that does one of those techniques could also help eliminate the nauseous feeling.


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