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Heart Disease / Cholesterol

Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally and With Out Drugs

Here is your free report on how to lower your cholesterol levels, safely and significantly, with in weeks.

The idea is so simple, it almost seems to simple. So here it is.

Quit eating all refined carbohydrates.

That is it. That is all you have to do. And literally, with in weeks, you cholesterol can drop 100 points or more. For Real. And you don't have to take my word for it. If you do this, you can measure your cholesterol before and after, and see for yourself. Literally, with in weeks.

What you need to know to understand why this works. The first thing is what cholesterol does in the body. What is its job? Everything in the body has a purpose; otherwise we would not have it. So what does cholesterol do?

Cholesterol's primary job is to carry glucose (sugar) around the blood stream. You need an equal number of cholesterol units as you have sugar molecules in your blood. So if you have 3000 sugar molecules in your blood, you need 3,000 cholesterol molecules to carry them. The actual numbers are much, much higher than this, but you get the point.

The more glucose or sugar molecules you have in your blood, the more cholesterol you need to carry them.

Your blood sugar levels are constantly changing. Your body is always trying to keep your blood sugar levels with in a normal range for you. But after years of abuse from you, your body does not always do such a good job.

So what affects your blood sugar levels? Mostly what you eat. Refined Carbohydrates. When you eat refined carbohydrates, the get digested and absorbed into the blood stream very quickly. Your body then very quickly converts the refined carbohydrates into glucose. This causes a spike in your blood glucose levels.

Everyone has witnessed this. Ever see a kid after they eat a bunch of sugar? They are bouncing off the walls, because all of that sugar gets turned into glucose in the blood very quickly. So they have tons of energy, because glucose is one of the things your muscles use for energy.

The same thing happens to you when you eat sugar and other refined carbohydrates. Your body quickly converts them into glucose in the blood. And if you have a high amount of glucose in the blood, what do you need again? That is right; you need lots of cholesterol to carry those glucose guys around.

Your body is smart. It learns from the past. If you are constantly having high amounts of glucose because of the food you eat, your body prepares. Your body prepares for the next time that you eat refined carbohydrates. It prepares by having lots of cholesterol on reserves to deal with the certain increase in glucose levels that are inevitably going to happen.

So if you eat refined carbohydrates often (daily) your body prepares by keeping lost of cholesterol on reserve to deal with this. This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people have high cholesterol levels. Your body is smart, and it is preparing for the inevitable of your blood glucose levels going way up from eating refined carbohydrates.

Like I said, your body is smart. It is a very quick learner. If you quit eating food that makes your blood sugar levels high, your body will get rid of the excess of cholesterol levels in your blood. That is why, often with in weeks, your cholesterol levels drop significantly, often 50 or 100 or more points, when you quit eating refined carbohydrates.

Now, the trick comes with, what is "refined carbohydrates". Refined carbohydrates are things that are mostly calories from carbohydrates. And that have been refined from how they are found in nature. Great, what does that mean? Things like breads, crackers, pastas, sugar (in most forms), and grains are often refined carbohydrates.

Why do refined carbohydrates raise my blood sugar levels so much? Good question. In the process of refining the carbohydrates, they are taking away part of the product. They are removing part of what comes with the grain or plant as it is found in nature. Now the funny part about the perfection of nature. We and the things in nature are perfectly designed for each other. When we eat food whole, as it is found in nature, it is almost never ever bad for us. When we eat grains and sugar cane, and sugar beets, as they are in nature, whole, there is no problem with how our body responds to them.

You see, all the nutrients that are needed to digest a piece of fruit, are found in the fruit. All the things needed to digest grains, are found in whole grains, like in nature. All the things needed to digest milk, are found in whole raw milk. It is just when we come along and change it by heating it, and putting chemicals in it, and making it "better" that problems occur.

See, fruit sugar is fine for the body. It does not really cause an increase in your blood sugar levels, as long as it is eaten with the fruit it comes in. They refine fruit sugar out of fruit, to use as sweeteners in some products, and this refined fruit sugar can cause problems as well. Because all the stuff that comes naturally with the sugar in the fruit, is now not there.

When they refine grains to make most breads, and pasta, and crackers and stuff, the part they take away is the part that keeps the grain from increasing our blood sugar levels. The part they remove to make white flour is the part that helps keep our blood sugar levels normal when eaten whole.

The way nature works is almost so perfect it is funny. The co-enzymes and minerals and vitamins that are needed to put calcium in the bone, are always found in the foods that contain calcium. If the food is whole, as found in nature.

This is true with almost everything your body needs to work together. If there is a co-enzyme or mineral, or two or more things that are needed to work together, they are almost always found together in nature. It is quite great how the body and nature work like that.

Back to the refined carbohydrates. So when they take part of the food away, it leaves the food in a way that causes your blood sugar levels to increase.

You quit eating those foods, and there is no need for lots of cholesterol in the body. So the body then lowers your cholesterol levels.

Now, to help you better understand what Not to eat, and what you can eat. There is a really simple way to do that as well. You ready.

Eat only the food on the outside of grocery stores, except the bakery. What do I mean by that? Well, if you walk into almost any grocery store, what is around the outside? Well on one side you usually have the fruits and vegetables, fresh. On the back, you usually have meets and seafood. You also usually have Dairy and eggs there as well. Those are the things you can eat all you want of. And your cholesterol will drop.

Now, if you are interested in your overall health as well, I would strongly recommend these products being organic as well. But that is a whole other report for your health.

Things like white bread, most pasta, and crackers are refined carbohydrates. Don't eat them. They cause your blood sugar levels to go up, and also your cholesterol.

Now you might be thinking. Wait a minute; this is exactly the opposite of what the medical doctors and profession say about what you need to do to lower your cholesterol. So let me explain their theory. Which you probably know, has not lowered your cholesterol at all, by experience. If not, ask around. Ask people who have done what most medical doctors say, and see how it worked for them.

You will be hard pressed to find one person who said it worked to significantly lower their cholesterol levels. Anyway, back to their theory.

They look and see lots of cholesterol in the blood. So they scratch their head and say, well, don't eat so much cholesterol then. If you eat less cholesterol, you will not have as much in your blood. Now, on the surface, it sounds good. But there are two major flaws with their theory. The first one. It doesn't work. Like I said above, I dare you to try and find someone whose cholesterol significantly went down by eating less cholesterol. You will be hard pressed to find someone. Even with medication.

That brings in my favorite definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. This is what the medical profession has been doing for Years. Telling people to do the same thing, with out really getting results, expecting to get different results. It just doesn't work that way.

The Second flaw in their theory is this. The cholesterol in your blood is not the same cholesterol in the food you eat. You do not directly absorb cholesterol into your blood stream from the food you eat. Your body actually has to break down the cholesterol in the food you eat, and then absorb the pieces of the cholesterol. Then your body, if it wants to, has to re assemble the pieces back into cholesterol you find in your blood. And your body does not do this, unless it needs the cholesterol. Your body does not make cholesterol, unless you need it.

And why would you need cholesterol, because you often have high levels of blood sugar levels. And that is mostly from the food you eat.

Let me give you an example. Eggs. Eggs contain a thing called Lecithin. It helps your body digest cholesterol and break it down. Yes, the egg has something in it that actually helps your body break down and recycle cholesterol, including the cholesterol in the egg itself. Just like I talked about earlier, if you eat something like it is found in nature, it comes with what it needs.

Just because you eat cholesterol, does not mean your cholesterol levels go up. It is like saying if you eat more fish, you will be more fish like. If you eat more pepperoni, you will be more pepperonish. It is silly. Our body digests the food we eat; it breaks it down to basic parts, and then absorbs the parts. The body then puts these basic building blocks together as human parts. Not fish, or egg, or cow parts, but human parts. Same goes for cholesterol. The body breaks down the animal and plant cholesterol into basic parts. And then, if the body wants, makes it into human cholesterol.

To safely, significantly lower your cholesterol level with in weeks, quit eating refined carbohydrates. It is that simple. And again, don't take my word for it. Do it yourself, and measure your cholesterol levels before and after, and you will see for yourself.

If you cut refined carbohydrates out completely, you will notice the 50-100 point drops with in weeks. If you still eat refined carbohydrates, you will notice a decrease, but not as quickly. And the amount your cholesterol drops will be in direct proportion to how much refined carbohydrates you quit eating. The less you eat, the more it will drop. It really is that simple.

There are actually three best selling books out there right now that verify everything I have said right here. Plus my book which will be out shortly. The three books are The South Beach Diet, The Atkins Diet Revolution, and The No Grain Diet by Dr. Mercola. All of these books will show you, in much more detail, how everything I said is what works. And again, I urge you, do it for yourself. See for yourself if what I say works for you. Because if you do, I know it will.


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