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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

Free Will vs. Destiny anchor text

So is the secret right?
Is the course in miracles right?

Is our life destined, or can we create it like we want?

Both. Let me explain.

A long time ago, I realized that when their seems to be a huge split about choice a or choice B being right, it is both are right.

Like was the world created in 7 days? Or millions of years?

Well, the sun and moon were not created until the 4 th day, so who is to say those first 3 days were not Millions of years long by our definition of a “day” Thereby both ideas being true?

So is our life predestined or we can create it how we want?
Both I say.

I believe that it is predestined where we will all end up in life. But the road you take to get there is free will.

Now, there are certain things that you must “learn” along the way there. But how you “learn these things” is up to you.

You can choose via free will to learn these things while being poor. You can choose to learn these things while being rich. You can choose to learn these things the hard way or the easy way. You can choose to learn these things kicking and screaming and fighting, or you can choose to learn the lessons right away. You can choose to learn these lessons while married or single.

How you learn the lessons is your free will, your choice. But learning the lesson is predestined.

Now, what do I mean by “learning?”

I think we are all here to learn one lesson. Unconditional Love.

Because I believe that is God. That is Us. That is who we all are, one. And that oneness is Love.

There are many things that we all need to learn love in.

Some need to learn love in marriage, Some need to learn love in relationships, some need to learn love in middle eastern people and countries. Some need to learn love for republicans or democrats. Some need to learn love for poor people. Some need to learn love for stupid people, or handicapped people.

The world is showing us every minute of every day ways to be loving and learn love. When you are judging something, good or bad, right or wrong, agreeing or disagreeing, you are NOT being loving. You are not learning love. Love does not judge, love does not agree or disagree. Love just is. Love is.

And there in goes the lessons. The more you are learning love. The more you are moving towards oneness and union with God. The more you are being loving.

Another word for love is Forgiveness.
But not in the traditional sense of the word forgiveness.

Forgiveness in how I am referring to it first is based on the understanding that nothing happened. This world most of us call reality is just a big dream. What I mean by that is, the past doesn’t exist. Where is the past. Show me the past. Let me touch, taste, feel or hear the past. That is impossible. Because the past is the past. The only place the past exists is in our minds. No where else.

And what about the future? Where is that? Again, only in our minds. It does not exist.

So when you are forgiving someone. You are not pardon sins and make the sin real. The sin is only in our minds, only in the past. Forgiveness sees there was no sin, it doesn’t exist, it isn’t real, it is only in our mind, forgives the sin, and in that view, love is present.

If you think the sin is real, the thing from the past that doesn’t exist is real, you are not being loving. You are not completely forgiving. Only in the view that nothing has happened can true forgiveness, true love take place.

Now, this might be not the normal way of thinking for most.
A lot of this is based on one of my all time favorite books. A Course in Miracles.

It explains in 600 pages, what I just attempted to sum up in a few short paragraphs.

I would highly recommend reading A Course in Miracles to almost anyone. Oh wait, I do and have.

So the insight, Be Loving and Forgiving (in the realization nothing happened forgiving) and then choose how you want to create your life doing that.


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