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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

Success, Getting out of Your Own Way

SIX Easy steps for Effective Transformation:

1. Give everything up
* Give up everything that does not support or strengthen you
* Identify what is important to you and worry not about anything else
* Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want

2. Follow with you heart
* Express your passion, all else doesn’t matter
* Ignore your EGO and let it go, it only gets in the way

3. Identify your strengths
* Stop trying to improve on your weaknesses, too time consuming and energy drain
* Feed your strengths, grow them and learn to adapt them

4. Who are the people you like to be with and where are they?
* Surround yourself with like minded people, share and connect
* Gain wisdom from those who have similar beliefs and passions
* Feel connected and a part of a bigger world
* Stop being the "lone ranger". (Remember, even he had Tonto)

5. Begin with the end in mind
* Stop trying to "figure out" where you’re going, set your compass and leave it alone
* Build a strategy for what you want and get out of it’s way
* Create vs. Discover

6. Give up the adrenaline
* Stop the should’s, could’s, and ought too’s
* Take time to slow down and have fun so that your creativity is nourished
* If your "burnt" you have no innovation or creativity
* Focus on the " present" not the "future"


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