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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

The Soul Knows Everything

The soul knows everything. The purpose of life (described by soul manifesting the physical body) is to experience what it knows. There is a destiny to life and a power of self creation. It is not black or white. Destiny exists in that we will all end up being one with the universe, it is just a matter of speed. Now the power of creation comes in to play in you can create what you choose. This may or may not be in line with spirit and “destiny”.

By being open to the natural rhythms of the universe and working with them, only amplifies the creative powers of the universe. Hence why some people seem to have everything “go right” for them, and others, no matter what they do, “nothing seems to work”. When your conscious powers of creation are in line with spirit, the power of creation is limitless. We are all one. Separateness is an illusion created by distance and our limited perception. The soul is not housed in the body but the soul, is the house for the body. Where one soul stops, and the other begins, is non-existent.

The experiences or energy that come into the body to be experienced by the spirit flow through the body and NS to reach the spirit. When the body is not able to experience and integrate this energy, it stores the energy. The body was not designed to be a store house of energy. This stored energy acts like a dam. Now when more experiences come into the body, they are less likely to flow through the system, getting “stuck” by the previously stored energy. These experiences are no longer able to be felt by spirit. The nerve impulses and energy.

The body turns incoming experiences into Nerve impulses and energy flow. Just as light/energy from what we see, the eye turns into Nerve signals to send to the brain, sensations like touch and pain are turned into Nerve impulses and sent to the brain for interpretation.

So as the un-integrated experiences block other experiences to the spirit, they also block the day to day impulses the body uses to control and regulate itself and its function. These scrambled messages lead to dysfunction, symptoms, and disease. So as we are releasing the experiences intended for the spirit to evolve, we are also allowing the body to function better, which is expressed as healing.

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