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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

The Secret, Eckert Tolle, A Course In Miracles (ACIM), Byron Katie...

Jamie’s Summation

In my current view I believe you can choose what you want to experience. As well as how you experience.

I just had a thought.
Point A is the beginning of time; the “big bang” is what many say.

But is it? If everything is a projection, maybe point A is actually when we first form our ego, like at 1-2 years old. Maybe before then we are just experience, buttons, reactions, triggers. No conscious thought. No ego mind. Just a pure projection of the unconscious ego mind of the adults. Then we form our own identity, our own ego, around 1-2 – and that becomes our point A. That becomes the point at which our future fate becomes chosen by us, but what we chose to form as our base ego. Our base identity.

All within the bigger context of the overall Point A and Point B’s. So what you form as your identity at the individual point A and point B is predestined – from the true beginning of Point A. But all the other stuff below still applies in how to free yourself from it.

And in relative terms – most people never change their identity, so therefore what they experience is set in stone. What happens to them in this life is set in stone. They can change how they experience it, but it is set.

UNTIL, the miracle of the Holy Spirit comes in, the miracle of forgiveness, the miracle of love. Then transformation occurs, shortens time. And when the miracle of forgiveness of the judgment/decision or the guilt and fear created by forming the ego mind is forgiven, is seen for the story it was made up to be, you actually move beyond and can choose what you experience as well as how you experience the what.

Hmmm, I really like that.
It would explain in even greater detail freewill and destiny, all at the same time.

That the line between point a and point b is the shortest.

And when we form out ego, it separates point a and point b – that before the formation of the ego, point a and point b are the same point.

Then we separate the oneness, the two points. And we form our Life’s destiny, our path in life. Set because of the deep unconscious ego needs, beliefs, and identities (values come out of our identity). That most never get to the point of affecting this change at the level of identity. At the level of beliefs. They just change the beliefs, values, and constructs of the ego, without actually dissolving the ego.

Replacing one belief with another is simply changing the ego.
Until you work on the level of Identity, on ego – which is what true forgiveness does – it is destined.
But as you forgive and release the ego mind – the Holy Spirit’s voice becomes the voice we listen to. And when we listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, our future, our fate is different than it was. Different than the outcome of the go mind identity, and the life path it chose when it formed itself at around 1-2.

So when we are being run by the ego mind, our path is more set in stone. Still allowing us choice. Because what we get will have to be in alignment with what the ego mind’s identity is. But what, as long as it is in alignment with the identity, doesn’t matter. You could experience being rich as a RE person, or rich as a doctor. Both will play into your ego mind’s identity of itself. So either is a choice. But being poor – may not be congruent with your identity. So that will not happen no matter what. It is not in alignment with your identity.

Changing your thoughts and feelings as the Secret and other things talks about, can, I repeat, can, have an impacting on changing your identity, and therefore allow new choices possible to you, but still limited in what you can choose, because your ego mind will still create your future to be in alignment with your identity, the new and improved version.

So it is not the circumstances in life that are set with the ego mind/identity still in place. It is the Type of experiences. The “what” experiences are limited to be in alignment with the identity. But still having choice to choose among the different “what” experiences that are in alignment with your identity. That is why it is predestined – What “type” of things you will experience from when you formed your identity.

After forgiveness and love – and the starting to dissolve the individual identity, instead of just change it, - you are open to a completely different future. That is the power of the miracle of forgiveness. Shortening time, because now you are not stuck to that ego/identity time line you chose way back when at point A. You are free to follow the holy spirits time line.

So after the ego-identity begins to become free from its grip on you, through forgiveness – (instead of condemnation and judgment that keeps the ego/identity in place) you will not be so concerned with your goals, and wants and desires. Because those are constructs and tolls of the ego mind, your identity.

You will still do stuff, stuff will still happen, results from changes in the illusion will still appear – until you have completely forgiven. But there won’t be an attachment to the goals, wants or desires. You will simply be doing God’s will. Following the Holy Spirit. And what happens, happens. Not attached to outcomes, or results, or anything. Purely loving and forgiving everything, as it is, and as it isn’t. Because it is all just an illusion to be forgiving to.

So to sum it up. The ego has choice to create its reality/illusion from limited choices that are in alignment with it. If you change the ego/identity, you will have different choices available. So you can choose the “what” of your experience, all be it for most, it is pre-destined and limited because they do nothing to change their identity/ego.

When you begin following the holy spirit, dismantling the ego/identity and dissolving it, you then have true choice – choice to follow the holy spirit or not. Choice to put God before all else or not. Then the goals and desires and wants (which are tools of the ego to keep us running in circles – to keep us not focused on God ) disappear, because your goal is doing what God Wants.

PS. God doesn’t care what the experience of the “What’s” of this world are. God wants Love and Forgiveness while still of the world. The rest is inconsequential. Which means if you are rich or poor, doesn’t matter, as long as you are love and forgiveness. Etc.

This is what many people talk about that when you begin to move beyond the ego, you will still have personality traits of the ego linger, because the ego is still there, but not in control. SO you do God’s will, through the ego still, while not letting it control or make choices. Giving it some “piece” of the action when it makes no difference, to appease it.

Giving up your desires is something we don’t’ want to do, because that is who we are. We ant the things our desires are about, so we think when we give up your desires, we will give up the stuff. But we still want the stuff.

In giving up the goals and the desires, you will also give up the want of the stuff as well. You will not want it or need it anymore. This is true freedom. Not being a slave to goods and services like the ending scene of fight club is talking about. They want and desire for the stuff is controlling us. We are not choosing, it is choosing for us.

So it is like this. What is something you don’t want? Like, lets say a piece of cow poop. Does anyone want that? Nice fresh, steaming, gooey, smelly cow pie? Anyone?

When you move beyond the ego, your goals and desires and things you wanted, will occur kind of like a cow pie. You just won’t want it. It is hard to see now, because you are looking through the ego, the identity, and all you can see is wanting that thing, the desire or goal of that “thing”. So the idea of not wanting it seems foreign. But if you naturally and truly do not want something, it makes no difference if you have it or not.
This example is not completely valid, because many people will actually have a goal of NOT wanting the poop. Having the desire to not have it.

Your desires and wants become completely neutral when you give up the identity/ego. There is no wanting anything. And there is not Not wanting, or avoiding anything. Everything just is. You love and forgive whatever “is” your experience at the time. While following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You may have wealth, you may not. But you won’t care. You won’t have a desire one way or the other. It will just be.
There may not be one great example for everyone, but for everyone in a “westernized culture” a good example might be –
If you have a different culture, pick something for you that just is for you. Many people have it, but almost no one thinks twice of it. If they lost it tomorrow, it would be no big deal.

Like a fridge magnet. Just a normal, run of the mill fridge magnet. Nothing special that someone gave you or that you got somewhere. Just a normal fridge magnet.

If it was gone tomorrow, you wouldn’t think twice about it. If it was still there tomorrow, you wouldn’t think twice about the fridge magnet. It just is. Kind of nice that you have it, you don’t think about it being nice you have it, and if it were gone, you wouldn’t think, oh I miss that fridge magnet. It would just be gone.

This will be the experience of your other goals, desires, wants, and things you are trying to attain. They would just be like a fridge magnet. You will have them or you won’t, and either way, you will not care.

We all have different wants and desires. And we all think, how could that person want “that”? You look at other people’s goals and wants and desires, and it is different than yours, and you don’t understand how they want that.

This will be an example of your experience beyond your current goals, wants and desires – you will look back at your past goals, as if they were someone else’s goals, and wonder, how could I have ever wanted those goals so bad, in place of the goal of God?

That is what is meant by not having to give anything up. To give it up implies a want or a need for it. If you don’t want or need it, are you really giving it up? Like would it be hard for you to give up the fridge magnet. Nope. It will be the same with your current goals and wants and desires.

To Be one with God, To Transcend, to do what we are all here to do, to be one with God in Heaven, To do What Jesus and Buddha did, to go “beyond” enlightenment, I believe A Course In Miracles is the fastest and quickest way. I believe Actively Practicing Buddhism is the 2 nd fastest way.

Now, not everyone is ready for this and some are not even capable of truly understanding what this fully means.

As a byproduct of this, Deep Inner Peace will result in the practice of either of these.

On the level of from and the physical world.
The best place to affect change is with the belief systems in the mind. And changing the beliefs in the mind.

Our beliefs and unconscious mind run our world.
Some people call this the ego mind. But too many people think the ego mind is the conscious mind. I disagree. The ego is the conscious and unconscious mind. Our experience just has two levels of the ego mind. The ego knows and remembers everything. That is what makes the ego so cunning. You are (usually) only dealing with the conscious part of the ego. You don’t see or know of all the stuff that is hiding down below.

So to really affect change at the level of form, you have to work with your unconscious mind and beliefs and values. They are what run out life, dictate our results. (Actually, you can use love and forgiveness, and dissolve the ego at both he unconscious and conscious levels, but that is more in the first category above)

Everyone talks about the power of our thoughts and creating what we want. But what most people fail to mention is, it is not just our thoughts we are conscious of that produce the results in our life. It is all our thoughts, conscious and non-conscious.

For example. If you have a belief that men are pigs – whether or not you consciously believe it – you will only attract or choose to be around men who are pigs. It is through the self fulfilling prophecy type thing that this works. Or you can watch my $20 DVD (for people outside the US) ($10 for people in the US). It will explain clearly how your beliefs shape your world, whether you are conscious of them or not.

So with all the beliefs and values we store in our non-conscious mind, they dictate and control our life when our conscious mind is not remembering to do so.

So you can think about something all you want, but until you non-conscious mind is aligned to receive that which you consciously say you want, you will never get it.

That is why some people say, I focused, and thought, and took action, but I didn’t get it. Because something in their non-conscious mind was not in alignment with it. Their ego mind was keeping it from them in some way, for some reason.

Now, it begs to be talked about here, the debate of Free will vs. Destiny.
The answer is both. We have both free will and we are destined in life.
How can it be both? Simple.

Imagine it like this.

Everything that ever could have happened has already happened. It is already written to the end of time. So it is destiny what it is you do and where you end up.

The choice comes into which experience you choose to experience.

See, you conscious experience is only a small portion of all the infinite realms of possible outcomes. So your choice comes in what you choose to experience. But it has no effect on what has actually happened. Only your experience of what happened.

It is our limited consciousness that does not see anything other than the now or the past. And usually for most people, just the past.

If you could see it all, imagine something like this.

Point A and Point B separated by a “distance”
Point A represents the big bang, or the separation from God.
Point B represents the end of time, or the union or oneness with God – Heaven if you will.

Now, the shortest distance is actually a straight line. But most of us do not choose that straight line to God. We have our ego mind come in, both consciously and unconsciously directing us on detours off of that straight line.

And there are an infinite other ways to get from Point A to Point B. They all take a longer time than the straight line. Love and forgiveness represent that straight line. Everything of the ego mind represents one of the infinite longer routes.

And all those paths have already happened. Your true self is standing back beyond the end of time, and that is where you are trying to get.

Your conscious awareness can jump from one path to another path instantaneously. Your choices are what cause this. Your choice is what determines which path you are experiencing. But all the paths are already pre-destined. Already written. You just get to choose which one you consciously experience.

Now, to make this metaphor even more realistic.

Point A and Point B are actually the same point.
So there isn’t even actually a line between the two. And our choice of experiencing something different actually created the illusion of time and space, and something other than the true eternal moment of Love or God. (Same thing)

It creates all these infinitive out pouching of possibility – but in the reality of God, they don’t actually exist. Because nothing other than God Exists.

Ending the side note on destiny vs. free will.

Back to the power of thought.

So your non-conscious mind has to be in alignment with that which you are focusing on, that which you want.

Some people say, unless it is in alignment with what God wants for you, you will not get it. Unless it is your “destiny” you will not get it.

To this I have to politely say – only if you believe that.

Because God has nothing to do with this Creating, or place we call the real world, or what I like to refer to as hell. God knows of nothing other than perfect love and oneness. That is why the world is like it is. Because it has nothing to do with God.

The world is exactly like a Dream. When you wake up in the morning after sleeping and dreaming, what happens to the dream? How real was that dream you had?

The dreams don’t cease to exist, because they never existed. They don’t have an impact on reality what so ever, because they were false, made up, dreamed by someone who was asleep.

Your true self is asleep right now, dreaming this which many often refer to as reality. Your true Self is dreaming this all. You are the Son of God. You are Christ. But the problem is you don’t know it. You don’t experience it. You only experience the dream.

Just like when you are dreaming at night. You are all the dream characters, you made them all up. But you only experience the perspective of yourself in the dream. Until you wake up, then you realize, you made up all those “outside” people and circumstances.

One day you will wake up from this dream world of reality and experience the same thing. That you actually made all these other people and outside circumstances up. Just like in your dream state at night.

And you will see and be one with God.

So because this is a dream, God has nothing to do with it. It is your ego mind creating and perpetuating the dream.

So if your non-conscious mind is not in alignment with you achieving something, you will not get it no matter what you do. Said another way, if your ego is not in alignment with bringing you what you want, what you focus on, you will never get it.

Your ego mind, your non-conscious mind is made up of all the programming, beliefs, values, strategies, behaviors, and most importantly Guilt. Which is all there actually is. Guilt, Fear, they are all brothers in the same family. And in all reality, they don’t exist either. Fear and Guilt are just the absence of love. Because Love or God is all there is.

But on this level of form, you can have illusions of different types of Guilt or Fear. You can change your beliefs, you can change your values, you can change your programming, but it will still all be guilt and fear.

Now, when you change the shades of guilt and fear, you will have different experiences in the “outside” world. Your world around you will change.

Imagine it like this.

God is Light, God is Love. God is all there is.
True source of your light. Shining perfectly. God is a perfect white light. Shining brightly.

Then the ego comes along and paints coatings over this light to diffuse it, change it, and darken it. No matter what color or shade or variance the hiding of the light is taking, it is still all just darkness.

But depending on the shading, and variances, you will get different projections from that. On the wall on the other side of the ego’s painting, the ego’s distortion, you will get something other than a white, perfect, pure light.

Changing the canvas, putting different paint on, moving the paint around will create a picture other than what was there. But it is still not the pure white light of GOD.

So when you change your beliefs, change your values, change your canvas, change your ego mind, change your non-conscious mind, you will get something different. And remember, these something differents have already been determined, have already all happened.

All sickness, disease, all poverty, all bad luck, everything that happens to people they don’t want, is all just some form of fear and guilt. Some shade on that canvas of the ego.

The body is simply a projection of the ego mind. It is not any more real than the body you dream you have at night.

Even science will tell us the body is not really there. When you look under a strong enough microscope, there is not actually any “stuff” there. It is just energy. Vibrating masses of energy. No actually “stuff”

So to change the body and some expression currently in it, always goes to the mind.

The complication comes in with the ego mind. Our non-conscious mind is way bigger and more vast than almost anyone gives it credit for.

Your non-conscious mind has beliefs about medicine, about drugs, about people, about natural healing, about EVERYTHING – the absence of beliefs; the absence of opinions is filled by pure love. And when there are no beliefs, values, judgments left. You are one with God. So until you are one with God, you have beliefs.

So the only reason medicine works for anyone, is because of the deep seated, often completely unknown and unconscious beliefs about it.

Now, for some people to grasp this will be impossible, if not difficult. Others will get it easily.

All natural healing works in the same way. People believing it works, and so therefore when they have it “done” it creates changes in the unconscious mind which allows changes in the body.

That is why some people need medicine, some people need natural therapies from the “outside” done on them.

Until they can open up, and see the true nature of their Self, the true nature of how their ego, conscious, and non-conscious mind works, you have to work with them at the level of form.

Because if they have beliefs or opinions that there is a real world, that it is not just in the mind, that it is “physical” nothing you do or say otherwise will change that until they choose to change.

So a quick review.
1. Ultimately there is only GOD.

2. You be loving and forgiving and you will be one with God again. (Although you never actually left, it just seemed or you dreamt like you left point A) realizing that this is all a dream and not real. So therefore inconsequential as to how it unfolds.

3. Then you deal with change at the level of the mind. The level of the ego, the level of the non-conscious mind. This is the true place form on this level happens. Whether people are conscious of it or not. Whether they believe it or not. It all comes down to changing the unconscious mind, the ego, the conscious mind, to affect change.

4. Some people will believe that this is all real, that this is true. Those people will believe that they are physical and need something physical to heal them.

So what is the best form of Physical thing to heal them or change their life? Whatever is in alignment with their beliefs? That is it.

Now, since people who are still believing in this illusion have all sorts of different beliefs, the “form’ of system or healing that is going to be best to help them change their life and their body will be different for all of them.

One that I have found is really effective is using the Inner Wisdom. I believe our inner wisdom communicates with the Holy Spirit, the innate intelligence, or the power that is our connection to God.

God is not aware nor in this world because this world we often call reality does not exist. So therefore if we are to be one with God again, we have to have some sort of connection with God Still. Some call this connection the Holy Spirit. Some call this connection the Chakras. Some call this connection our innate intelligence. But it is all the same thing, no matter what we call it.

This was given to us by God if you will. To ensure that we would experience being one with God again. Because our ego, our non-conscious mind has taken that experience from us. We are still one with God. It is impossible to be anything other than one with God. It is just that is not our current experience. So to insure that we will not be separate from God as an experience, God created the Holy Spirit when we created our Ego Mind. Our non-conscious mind.

So when you use this intelligence, when you listen to this knowledge, when you are in tune with this creation, it will bring you home the fastest. It will help change your experience, your body, your life in the quickest and most direct way to God. If you let it.

So systems that use this inner intelligence are going to be the most effective systems to help people create changes in their body and experience in this life.

One system is the Body Talk System. It does this. There are others.

Now, some people will have beliefs that keep them from thinking you can communicate with the body, with this intelligence. So they will not be good candidates for these types of healing systems.

You will have to do more physical, the smart Doctor knows, the Doctor will take care of you type treatments. Some have beliefs about drugs, others do not. Some have beliefs about natural therapies. Some do not.

You will either have to change their beliefs (unlikely, as if you have ever tried to change someone without them wanting to change, it is nearly impossible) or work with their beliefs to bring about change and healing.

So I hope this helps clear up some issues of where people come from and what is needed to help bring about change in their body and in their life.


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