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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

My Favorite Seminars

If you know me at all, you know one thing. I'm PRACTICAL. I care about one thing more than anything else in life ... "Does it work?" And I apply that principle to everything in my life ... to the classes I choose to attend, to the friends I spend my time with, to the way I run my business, to the relationship I have with my God. I want to know if something really, really works ... and works well.

When I live by the principle, most of my decisions are good, solid decisions. So I would suggest you use a similar principle. Before you invest your time and money in "something", ask yourself if that "something" really, really works.

A Course in Miracles & Related Seminars (ACIM)

This has got to be my hands down, top investment to results – dollar for dollar, time for time, you could possibly do. But only if you are ready. Read More>>

The Landmark Forum

The landmark forum has got to be #2 on my list for cost value to change impact. Read More>>

The Advanced Course from Landmark Education

I love this course because when we were all little, we formed out identity. And out of this identity, unfolded our entire life. You have never made a choice your entire life. I define choice as choosing freely NOT based on reasons. Decisions are choices based on reasons. And ever since that point early in your life, you have been making decisions out of that identity you formed. But the problem is, you don’t see this identity, because you think it is just who you are. Like water to fish. Read More>>

Millionaire Mind Intensive

The millionaire Mind Intensive was AMAZING!!!
I am finally completely and totally Free around money.
No more guilt, anger, resentment or anything. Read More>>

The BodyTalk System Seminars

This is a system that you use for healing your body and mind.
You would find a practitioner in your area, go to them on a regular basis. Read More>>

Masterpiece Training Camp with Arno

This is mostly designed for chiropractors to go to train and renew themselves.
I went twice and both times, it was amazing. Read More>>

Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes

This is a seminar that I actually give, along with my friend and her Dad.
I only do this seminar in Australia. Read More>>

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP deals with how your mind works. Then when you know how your mind works, you can easily affect change in your life. Read More>>

Time Line Treatment

So much of what is causing us problems is life is the past we are holding onto. Read More>>

Journey to the Extraordinary

I am actually planning on going to this seminar in Feb of 2008 in FL.
What the developer said about this seminar. Read More>>


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