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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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Exercise and Burning Calories The quickest way possible

Avoid getting fat by managing your stress

How Can I Possibly Be Gaining Weight?

These days, when two incomes barely make ends meet, you may be leading the kind of hectic life where coffee is all you make time to "eat" during the day. Unfair as it is, this black coffee stress diet can lead to weight gain. Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent "stress bloat."

One reason behind stress-related weight gain has been well-documented in major nutritional and endocrinology journals. You see, elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol (associated with long-term chronic stress) have potentially nasty consequences. These run the gamut from increased belly fat to insulin resistance and, in time, even Type II diabetes and heart disease.

Even when you can't remove the causes of stress in your life, you may be able change the way your body responds to them and avoid those consequences. So subtract high-glycemic carbs from your diet and add more protein and lots of vegetables. Remember to exercise, and try meditation. And then consider taking nutritional supplements shown to help keep cortisol levels in check - Relora and Rhodiola, for example.  

What is the best way to reduce stress?

Realize it doesn’t exist.

Stress is an internal response to external circumstances.

Two people in the exact same situation experience it differently. One gets stressed out and the other it is no big deal. It is not the outside thing causing the stress. It is the ability of your body and inner mind to respond.

So how do you increase your capacity to handle stress?

I have written about it a few times.

But the easiest way is to order my Stress DVD and you can get it here


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