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Increase Your Chances of Sticking With Your Exercise Program

Increase Your Chances of Sticking With Your Exercise Program

By Jon Benson

Why do so many people have trouble sticking with their exercise programs? Two big reasons: boredom and the lack of a larger purpose.

The boredom is easy to solve: Break up your workouts. Lift weights, then walk, then do some bodyweight exercises, go hiking, play tennis, etc.

Having a purpose can increase your chance of succeeding at any goal. To develop a greater purpose when it comes to exercise and fitness:

1. Take inventory of the things you value the most in life. Examples might include "love," "faith," "family," and "self-respect."

2. "Link" your three main core values to your fitness goals. For example, link "family" to fitness with an "anchoring sentence" like this: "Being my Ideal Weight will allow me to live longer and spend more time with my family."

3. Combine your three "anchoring sentences" into a "Unified Purpose Statement." Start with this: "Beginning today and for the rest of my life, I accept nothing less than the best for myself concerning my health and my fitness." Then list your three anchoring sentences. End with specific short-term and long-term goals.


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