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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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Cancer Causes

The thing to get about cancer (or any disease for that matter) is how you treat it is more dependent on the person, than on the diagnosed disease.

Because what can cause cancer in one person are totally different reasons that what can cause cancer in another person. And unless you deal with the individual causes, the cancer

The contributing factors to heart disease in 1 person, are different than another

The contributing factors to diabetes in 1 person are different than another.

Each disease can have hundreds if not thousands of causes.

Usually, it is not “ONE” cause for the disease even when talking about one person.

For instance, someone with cancer of the pancreas. They probably have at least 3-5 major contributing factors to them having the cancer. When you eliminate them, the body will usually heal itself as god intended.

It is like the joke about the lady praying to win the lotto, and she finally asks god why she is not winning, and god say, would you meet me half way and buy a ticket.

Well, god wants us and our body to heal, but he gave us free will and that often gets in the way, us and our choices.

So when you remove the major reasons in an individual person, they almost always heal.

The reason medicine and most alternative practitioners have a hard time helping people heal (not just cover up the symptoms, but truly heal) is because they are stuck in the 1 cause one cure.
They are looking for the one thing that is causing their problems. If it could only be that easy.

So they try drinking, water, but that doesn’t work so they stop.

Then they try cutting out sugar, but that does work so they stop.

Then they try exercising, but that doesn’t work, so they stop.

Then they try supplements, but they don’t work so they stop.

Not realizing, that if they would have done all of them at the same time, they probably would have healed.

You must look at all your individual causes of why you have cancer. Not looking for just one. Looking for all the major causes that are unique to you.


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