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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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What is Cancer?

Cancer is looked at as this elusive thing, when in all actuality, it is something that
happens every day in every person. You develop one million cancer cells in your body every day. And, every day, your body kills one million cancer cells.

What is cancer? Cancer is not a tumor. A tumor is the name given to a group of
cancer cells. Cancer cells are mutated cells. And every day you develop about one million mutated cells in your body. And every day of your life, your body gets rid of those cancer cells. Even if you have a tumor, up until you got that tumor, every day of your life, your body developed one million cancer cells, and every day, your body got rid of them. Your body is so amazing. Every second you produce 50 million new cells. Every second your body makes 50 million new cells. Every second your body rips apart the genetic code in 50 million cells. Every second it duplicates 50 million cells. Every second. Now, in that process, with SOOO many cells being made in one day, there is bound to be an error here and there. Imagine copying 50 million pieces of paper every second. Do you think you might make an error or two, or a million? Exactly. As your body creates 50 million new cells each second, there are some errors. And these errors
are cancer cells. Your body created a system to deal with this, because it knows errors happen. So your immune system works every day to kill off these cancer cells.

What happens when you get a tumor is that your body does not kill off these cells that have divided wrong. Your body, for whatever reason, lets them grow. Most cells that are mutated grow and divide quicker than normal cells, so the damaged cells begin to grow and divide. And then you develop a tumor big enough to create medical symptoms and for the disease care system to detect and diagnose.

Now, wouldn’t it make more sense to fix the reason why your body quit killing the
mutated cells? What happened? Why did your body quit doing something it had done a million times each day for your entire life?

Better yet, if you got your body to start killing those mutated cells, those cancer cells, it wouldn’t matter why it quit. Maybe why might make a difference to keep it from happening in the future, but it wouldn’t matter now. Your body would be killing the

cancer cells, and without any surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, your body would heal itself, just as your body has done a million times a day in the past. But the question of why your body stopped killing these mutated cells is not addressed by the medical symptoms and disease care system.

In fact, your body’s killing cancer cells is what the medical symptoms and disease care system ends up relying upon in the end. The medical system just looks at getting the cancer out, and who cares about why you stopped killing these cells yourself? They do their chemo, radiation and/or surgery and then, at the very end, they rely upon your inner wisdom. They hope that your body is able to get rid of any cancer cells that might be left. The following idea is my theory, which is really no different than what the medical profession has, because they only have a theory as well. They only difference is that more people subscribe to their theory. Popular opinion is no measure of validity, because at one point in America it was popular opinion that burning people at the stake was a good idea.
Cancer does not metastasize and spread. Cancer does not pick up its bags, and travel somewhere and find a new home. You hear the doctors say, “We have to get it early before it metastasizes.” Here is my theory:

There is part of your DNA that is constructively, with intent, mutating itself to try to better deal with the perceived environment. Every cell has the DNA needed to make any cell that is within your body and, at any one time, 50 million cells are mutating. So when cells mutate specifically with intent, they do so in more than one place. If one of these mutations that happened in multiple places doesn’t end up serving the body, the body usually gets rid of these cells.

But if, for some reason, the body does not recognize the cancer cell as cancer, it will not get rid of the cells, and the body will not get rid of those mutated cells anywhere they are in the body. If these cells are left to grow, the body has a different blood supply, oxygen supply, and all sorts of other factors that are different in all the different parts of the body, so of course the cells will grow at different rates, and the tumor, or group of cancer cells, will show up in some places before others. If this continues, eventually you will see tumors in other parts of the body. They all started at the same time. No one moved or metastasized. That is why tumors can often seem to be of the same origin.
I am not saying no cancer metastasizes. I think some do. The body’s lymph system is like a sewer system; its job is to filter out all the garbage, including cancer cells, from the lymph. Then your immune system has a concentrated place from which to launch its attack. This is very efficient. But sometimes the cancer cells can grow in these lymph nodes, wherever they are in the body.

This to me is also the reason why in so many people the cancer comes back later. The doctors never really dealt with why the body was not killing the cancer cells in the first place. They just focused on getting rid of the cancer.

If you have a plumbing leak and the bathroom floor is flooding with water, do you
just keep mopping up the water, or do you find out why the water is on the floor and fix that? If the body is not getting rid of cancer cells, you are developing cancer cells in your body. Do you just keep killing the cancer cells, or do you look at why your body quit killing those cancer cells?

So what can you do to help your body heal when you expressing symptoms of cancer?

For More information about cancer go to my general article on Cancer here


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