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Cancer is Killing America

Cancer - What Every Person Needs to Know about Treating Cancer with Traditional Medicine

Cancer is the third leading cause of death in the US, with over 500,000 people dying every year from cancer, and most cancer is 100% curable. I say the medical symptoms and disease care system is responsible for these deaths as well.

Here is why:
The reason why you do not have all these proven natural therapies everywhere
helping people heal themselves and get rid of the cancer is because of the medical symptoms and disease care system and their magic veil of protection. If they treat someone with chemo, surgery and radiation and the person dies, they say it was just the cancer. If you treat someone with anything else instead of the current “reasonable and customary” methods and the person dies, you will get sued and probably lose, even though the survival rate for getting medical symptoms and disease care treatment for cancer in the US is only about 50% overall.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. If you do the same thing, you can expect the same result.

For over 30 years, Medicine has been trying the same thing, surgery, chemo and
radiation to cure cancer. And 30 years later, they still have no cure. They have better surgery procedures, they have different chemotherapy agents, they have different machines for radiation, but they are still doing the same thing. It is like a fly hitting its head on the window, as it is trying to fly out the window. It comes at it from different angles. It comes at the window faster and slower. It takes a break. The fly may even try another window. But yet, it still doesn’t get out. Why? It is doing the same thing over and over again. Yes, it is slightly different, but overall, it is the same thing.

Back then, medical symptom and disease care also thought the body was a machine. Like a clock, with no internal wisdom, nothing guiding it other than the Genes. So if the human body or “machine” screwed up, they had to fix it. If you “got” cancer, the medical symptom and disease care had to fix you. Like when your car breaks down. Your car does not fix itself, you must have someone fix it. So the tumor was this “thing” and it would make sense, that if you just cut out the tumor, things might get better, because the tumor was gone. And from their knowledge and perspective at the time, that made total sense. One thing that needs to be remembered is that at one time chemotherapy, radiation,
and surgery were not reasonable and customary either. They were new and unproven.

Now, here is the interesting part. Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery initially started being used based solely on an idea, a theory. You see, the medical symptom and disease care system had no other form of treatment for cancer, so these techniques were the only thing that was available, and they made some sense based on what knowledge they had at that time. No one double-blind study. They didn’t do double-blind studies to compare chemo/radiation/surgery to other things, to prove it to be the most effective. Doctors started using these methods with only some case studies and a theory. And, by the way,
the theory was based on Newtonian physics, which at that time had “only” been proven wrong 40 years ago.

Research shows that cancer cells grew quicker, and divided quicker, than normal
cells. The medical community thought, Well, radiation kills cells that are dividing. The same thing with chemotherapy. It is a drug that kills ALL cells that are dividing. So since cancer cells divide quicker, they thought that radiation and chemotherapy might help kill more cancer cells then regular cells. And, in theory, it sounds great. Kill all the cells that are dividing. Cancer cells divide quicker, so they will likely die quicker. Yes, your body will have casualties of war. Other cells that are dividing will also die. But it will be best for the whole (so the theory went).

Doctors did that for a while, because they knew of nothing better to fight cancer with, and then it became reasonable and customary. Interestingly, no studies were done, no research. Doctors just did it because they had no other options. Nowadays, the studies they do have are case studies, or double-blind studies comparing one form of chemo to another or one form of radiation to another. They still have no double-blind studies proving chemo is better than any of the other ways of helping cancer heal. No double-blind studies that they think everyone else should do. It is 40 years later, 30 years since the official “war on cancer” was declared, and we are still losing miserably. No known cures, nothing. The only thing the medical profession is saying is that we are getting better at curing people. They say this because statistics indicate that the survival rate is going up. Now, that is interesting. The survival rate is going up. What does that actually mean?

The only thing the AMA can state is that the survival rate is going up. You would
think that this means more people are cured of cancer completely, and living a healthy normal life again, right? Wrong. The survival rate is the number of people who are alive five years after the time of diagnosis. Does this mean that people are living longer? That more people are cured than before? Or does this just mean that the diagnosis and detection of cancer is getting better?

Let me explain. Let’s say a person starts developing a tumor. In one year, untreated, it is 1 cm in size. In two years, 2 cm in size, and after two years the person finally gets symptoms, obvious to anyone, that there is something wrong. So that person goes to the doctor, the doctor does some tests, and finds out that there is cancer. The patient goes through treatment and, four years, 364 days after the original diagnosis, the person is dead. The patient is not a cancer survivor. If that person had lived only one more day and then died, they would have been a cancer survivor. That is not even my point, but it is an interesting one. This person is dead six years and 364 days after the tumor started.

Now let’s say that same person went to the doctor for a routine check-up a year
earlier. This check-up included screening for the type of cancer they had. The doctor found the cancer early, and the person begin treatment. Five years and one day later, the person is still living. They are now a cancer survivor. This person who, if they had waited one year longer to visit the doctor, would now probably not be a cancer survivor. It is now only six years from when the tumor started. In the above scenario, the person lived six years and 364 days. But even if they die 364 days later from the cancer, they are still a cancer survivor. In both scenarios the person was alive for six years and 364 days. In one the person is a survivor, in the other they are not. The only difference is that the diagnosis was made earlier in the “survivor’s” case, even though the cancer still killed them.

Everyone knows, and the medical profession seems so eager to tell us, that early
detection is the key for treatment. Why? Because the survival rates are better if the cancer is detected early. The medical profession says this over and over again. They are getting great at early detection.

What I am saying is, I think the treatment does nothing to help people live longer.
That, statistically, the reason survival rates are going up is because the medical profession is getting better at detecting cancer earlier. Since they detect the cancer earlier, the person has longer before the natural progression, if left unchanged, leads them to death. And that earlier detection time gets people pushed over the five-year mark to make them cancer survivors, even if they die from the cancer one day after the five-year mark from the date of diagnosis.

I know many natural health care practitioners who are helping 80-90% of the people they see heal themselves of cancer, and this is usually with people the medical symptoms and disease care system has given up on. I think the numbers would be even better if natural practitioners got the “easy” cases as well.

This is why I say the medical symptoms and disease care system is responsible for most of the 500,000 deaths each year from cancer. They are withholding appropriate health care that has been proven more effective. They are using methods that are 30 years old, which have pretty much never been tested, and especially have never been tested in the way the medical community expects others to test their form of cancer treatment.

So what can you do to help your body heal when you expressing symptoms of cancer?

For More information about cancer go to my general article on Cancer here


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