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Contributing to Cancer

Emotional Baggage can also contribute to more cancer cells than your body can naturally get rid of.

Another thing you can do is eliminate all your past stored emotional baggage.

There are many ways to do this. Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a great way of releasing past stored emotional experiences. Time Line Therapy (a related branch of NLP) is another great way to do this. NET or Neuro Emotional Technique is yet another great way.

Dr. Hammert is a European Doctor who has over 30,000 documented cases of releasing past Significant emotional events in people’s lives and their cancer going into remission. Of course medicine calls it spontaneous remission and tries to claim there is no link between what he is doing and the healing.

In fact, Dr. Hammert has warrants for his arrest so he is in hiding. Just like in the US, most of the natural health care practitioners who help people heal cancer without chemo and radiation are not actually in the US. They are in Mexico because the medical profession and laws that I talked about above have literally driven them out of the country.

I have some CD’s that I made of a group seminar where we took people like you through the process of eliminating all their past stored emotions. Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt and Hurt. If you would like you can read more about these

CD’s here

You can also see an EFT practitioner and often they can help you over the phone. There are other ways to release past emotions, but these two are the easiest, quickest and most effective way for the least amount of money.

Many other things cause an increase of cancer cells in your body. Hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, sugar, preservatives, chemicals, pollution, pesticides, drugs (both prescription and non prescription) and toxic things of this nature create free radicals in your body which cause cells to mutate and become cancer cells. So eliminating toxins and things like these will help because then there will be less cancer your immune system has to get rid of.

Check out my full cancer article I have here


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