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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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Fluoride In Your Water May Be Killing You

Don’t drink the Water. The fluoride added to your tap water is LETHAL. Drink good bottled water or reverse osmosis filtered water only.

1 CC, yes One CC, of the very exact fluoride added to tap water, is enough to kill you. There have been no studies on the safety and efficacy of ARTIFICIAL fluoride in water until just recently. And theses studies show that artificial fluoride is NOT SAFE and it does not significantly reduce dental cavities.

I find it interesting to know that the fluoride that is added to water is usually an aluminum manufacturing or agricultural waste product. And when this fluoride is handled at the factories, the people have to wear Class 2 Yellow Hazmat suits because it is so dangerous.

Artificial fluoride use has been linked to; Alzheimer’s, sudden infant death syndrome, all types of cancers, death, fractures, down’s syndrome, lower IQ, and many others. It is a poison, even in small quantities.

The amount of fluoride in one tube of toothpaste is enough to kill most children. And how often do you go through a tube of toothpaste at home? Even if you do not swallow it, your gums are one of the most absorbent things in your body. You will and do absorb the fluoride in your toothpaste through your gums.

For further information do a search on the web for all of the following, fluoride, poison, deadly, toothpaste, water and you will still have a rather huge list of articles. My favorite is, where you can view a copy of the 88-page report and all the detrimental things fluoride causes. This study is the first, yes FIRST, of its kind commissioned by the government to study the effects of artificial fluoride in humans.


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