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Should I take Antibiotics?

Should I take Antibiotics?

And what to do if you already have

First what does antibiotics mean.
Antibiotics = “anti” = against / “biotics” = Life
Against life

  1. Antibiotics kill both the good and bad bacteria. Like nuking a battle field of your army and the enemies army – killing them both.
  2. You need bacteria to live. Without them, you die. Literally.
  3. You need bacteria on your skin to keep the fungus away.
  4. You need bacteria in your stomach to digest food properly and absorb the building blocks for a healthy body

Many people take antibiotics out of convenience. Because they have some symptom that won’t go away.

For this, I would tell my mom or dad- change the reason why your body is not able to heal the bacterial infection.

Now, if you have some life threatening condition, fine, take the antibiotic. And let that be your wake up call to change your life. You are not doing the things that are supporting a healthy lifestyle.

Because if you take the antibiotic, but don’t deal with the underlying cause of why you got the infection in the first place, guess what will happen in the future?

You will get it again.

Have You Taken Antibiotics?
And for anyone who takes antibiotics, you need to take pro-biotics. Why?
To replace all the good healthy bacteria you killed with the antibiotics. Which remember, antibiotics means against life.

There are many pro-biotics. And the good ones are always refrigerated. Because they often are killed if they are at room temperature and not in your body. Your body provides the proper PH to keep those little buggers alive.

You can get good pro-biotics at most health food stores or vitamin type shops.

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