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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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How to get a baby to sleep through the night

This is the same technique you can use for jet lag, just modified a little bit.

To get a baby to sleep through the night or be on the same sleep schedule as you do the following 2 things.

Do them when you first want the baby to wake up. Usually in the morning.

  1. When it is time for the baby to wake up for the day you are going to gently pull the outside of their ears in all directions straight out from the middle of the ear. You will do this for about 20 seconds. Pulling down on their earlobes, out on the sides of their ears, up on the top of their ears, changing the angle like that all the way around the outside of both of their ears. Pulling away from the center of their ears. You cannot rub to long, so if in doubt, keep rubbing. AND after you do this
  2. You will then rub underneath their left armpit, right in the middle of their side, or half way between the front and back of their body, about one of their hand widths below their armpit. The area is only about the size of one finger tip that you actually have to rub. So if you take all your finger tips and rub the general area, you will be fine. Just rub this area for about 20 seconds. Again, you cannot rub to long, so if in doubt just keep rubbing.

Do this each day when it is time for the baby to wake up. After a couple of days the baby will be sleeping 8 hours before you do that and will usually be sleeping through the night.

There is a whole song and dance using acupuncture and body energetics why this usually works.

If the baby is not sleeping through the night after doing this for a week, there may be something else going on with the baby. You might want to seek other means of care to make sure something else doesn't have to be done.


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