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how to help your kid get smarter

Zinc Helps Your Kids Stay Sharp

Getting enough zinc can not only help increase your immune system, but can also increase your kids intelligence level.

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) asked 209 boys and girls to drink a 4-ounce glass of juice before school for 12 weeks. One group drank plain juice, a second group drank juice with 10 mg of zinc, and a third group drank juice with 20 mg of zinc.

The children who received 20 mg of zinc improved their performance on tests that challenged their memory of abstract images by a factor of two times greater than those who received no zinc supplementation. They also outperformed other children on hand-eye coordination tests and memorizing word lists.

The best natural sources of zinc are meat, nuts, and seeds. But in today's mineral-poor food supply, natural sources may not be enough. To ensure that your kids get enough of the right minerals, there is one source I have found that is the best.

It is a natural mineral supplement that actually contains 74 trace organic plant minerals. is the website. If you are serious about taking a quality mineral long term, I suggest you actually sign up as a dealer. It costs $14 more, but when you order your next order, you will save more than the $14. If you are signing up as a dealer you will need my ID number: FettigJ1562

Not all mineral supplements are created equal and not all minerals are created equal. To understand which mineral supplements are good and which ones are not so good read my article on Mineral supplements here.


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