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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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How the Real Drug War has Nothing to do with Street Drugs

The Real Drug War

Mike Adams, News Target's crusading Health Ranger, points out that although schoolchildren are well versed in the dangers of illegal drugs, 60 percent of them are taking drugs that are just as dangerous -- but drugs which happen to be legal and FDA approved.

Is There a Difference?

Many legal drugs are dangerous and have no real medical purpose, like tobacco. Even prescription drugs supposedly taken for medical reasons often have no true medical function, like Ritalin, which is mainly used to keep children docile, and statin drugs, which treat symptoms but not actual health problems. On the other hand, many drugs that are banned, like marijuana, have demonstrated medical benefits. A good number of prescription drugs are addictive, and they kill more people each year than all illegal drugs combined.

Follow the Money

The real determining factor in which drugs are legal and which are banned is not safety, addiction or medical function, but whether corporations or the government profits. Sometimes, substances are banned in some forms but not others for this reason. Ephedra is banned when found in the unpatentable Chinese herb ma huang, but legal when found in profitable Sudafed and cold medicines.

The current state of the law has produced a well-organized system for manufacturing, promoting, delivering and selling deadly, addictive drugs, in order to create corporate profits and tax revenues.

NewsTarget August 15, 2005.


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