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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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How to Learn Easily for Children and Adults in all Situations

It has been proven time and time again, that when you have classical music like Beethoven, Bach and Mozart playing in the background, you learn better.

You can also get active noise cancelling headphones.
You can also get passive headphones.

Passive headphones. will have no cord.
They are just like those safety ear phones they wear at the airport.
They reduce noise by blocking it out.

If you get active noise cancellation head phones, there is a computer chip that will monitor surrounding sounds, and create a signal in the headphones that is 180 degrees different to the sound outside, so it cancels the sound. Not just reduce the volume of it.

And with active headphones, you can plug them into a computer or CD player or some place with headphone jacks, and also listen to music, audio books, etc, through them.


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