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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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Average and Normal

Your Doctors are inadvertently Lying to You – Average and Normal

Average is a mathematical statistic. Don’t let that big M word scare you. All average means is that you add up all the totals you have and divide by the number of totals you added. This gives you an average of the group of numbers.

Normal is what is right for an individual, or what is common or appropriate for a particular person.

What the medical profession does is make the average normal. They measure a bunch of people’s blood pressure, divide the added totals by the number of people they measured, and come up with an average blood pressure. And then they say this is the normal blood pressure for everyone.

I will let you in on a little secret. If you had the blood pressure I have at this exact moment, you would probably pass out. If you had the same blood pressure standing as you did sitting, you would probably pass out. Your blood pressure changes all the time, all day long. Your normal blood pressure needs to be different than everyone else’s. You need the right blood pressure for you at the right time. If you had the average blood pressure all the time, you probably would be dead by now.

Just because some numbers are the average does not mean they are normal. Everyone is different. Everyone knows this, it seems, except the medical symptom and disease care system. They seem to think we should all have the same numbers; otherwise there is something wrong with us.

And on top of that, the medical symptom and disease care system even changes what is supposedly normal with time. “ Normal” depends on what year it is. Maybe this is because there is no normal for everyone. There is only a normal for you. What the medical profession says is normal is actually the average.

And you know, when dealing with averages, that not everyone is the average number. Just as in school, with the bell curve, the average might be a “C,” but there are people who got “As” and those who got “Fs.” Does that mean that just because the people who got “As” are not in the average, there is a problem with them, something is wrong? Of course not. And contrary to what many people will immediately think, someone who got an “F” does not automatically have a problem, either. Maybe they were absent, and that is their current grade. Maybe the grade is in gym, and they will be the next Bill Gates, so physical conditioning is not important to them. Maybe they forgot about the test and didn’t study. The “F” might be a signal of something potentially wrong. It does not automatically signal a problem.

This is the same with the averages and normals the medical profession uses. The averages can serve as guideposts to maybe show a sign of some potential problem. The problem is that the medical symptom and disease care system uses the averages as normal, and if you are not normal, it is a problem, as they see it. They forget that the numbers are only averages, that everyone is different, and that your normal might be completely different than the average. For you, that normal is perfectly healthy, even though it is not average.

So what do you do with this? Take all the numbers the doctors give you with a grain of salt. Just because their charts show you “should be” in this range does not mean you actually should. You are different than everyone else. Your normal might be outside of the range of average they go by and still be perfectly healthy for you.

This brings up a show on the Discovery Channel about a culture and group of people in Italy. They had an average cholesterol level of well over 300. Yet, almost none of them had any heart problems or plaquing what-so-ever. The whole show was about trying to figure out why. Well, at the end of the show, they had no real answer. Only theories. Well, how about this one? How about their normal was perfectly healthy for them? That the average is just that, an average that not everyone will fit into.

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