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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

The devastating effects and problems from watching tv are not as simple

What Watching TV really does to you.

View this 4 minute video and see my comments below

75% of all the commercials you watch are paid for by the top 100 biggest companies

Watching TV puts your brain in an alpha mode. – which is proven by how many people say I like to watch TV to veg, chill, or relax. This is the brain wave of relaxation.

I don’t care how smart, intelligent, or wise you are.

If someone tells you the same thing a million times, you are probably going to believe it.

The average American sees over 1 million ads a year. The ads all say the same thing.

You need things to be happy. It is called consumerism.

We as a society have just so believed the commercials, that we don’t think of consumerism as an Idea, we just believe it is the way it is.

What is consumerism – I looked it up in the dictionary

  • The theory that a progressively greater consumption of goods is economically beneficial.
  • Attachment to materialistic values or possessions: deplored the rampant consumerism of contemporary society.

This is what we are fed by almost every single ad we see.

This is what we believe, so much so, we don’t even see it as a belief, but a “truth”.

We are led to believe that drug companies will give us our health. That our health is their responsibility, not ours.

TV Causes Stress:

TV is actually a cause of stress. By watching the violence and stressful situations on TV, you actually produce the stress response in your body.

But since you know it is not logical to “act” on the stress response because it is just TV, you suppress the response.

You go through cycles of impulse, suppression, impulse suppression. Which later comes out as frantic behavior associated with ADHD and ADD.

Your body can only handle so much stress. Once it reaches the limit, things break down. If you have stress from your job, your family, and life in general, then the added stress of TV only makes it worse.

TV Causes Confusion:

Things happen on TV that are not a reality in every day life. They compress time and reality for “effect” This causes confusion. Which also makes “real life” seam boring, dull and slow in comparison.

So, how much TV do you want to watch?
And at the very least, mute out the commercials


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