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Beaver 43 is Back

Great news on beating sunburn – Beaver 43 sun block is back. After a long hiatus, the best sun block in the business is on the market again. The company that makes Beaver 43 has been purchased by Whetstone Labs. The Food and Drug administration (FDA) and other regulatory agencies made the new company jump through enough hoops to waste a full year – even though the formula for Beaver 43 has not changed.

Research chemist Otto Beaver, PHD, Developed that formula. Beaver 43 blocks both UVA and UVB rays. It is not greasy, goes on easily, and it is waterproof (even though the FDA no longer allows the word waterproof to be used). You can’t sweat or swim it off. But it washes off easily with soap and water.

If you spend as much time in the sun as I do, you know just how critical a great sun block can be. Although it is not a good thing to block all sun from your skin, a nasty burn is bad news. Now you can use Beaver 43 – the sun block I use every time I am in really hot sun.

Beaver 43 sells for $7.50 per tube. However, as I said, it goes a long way. And now, for Wellness Dimensions Patients, you can try a tube of Beaver 43 for half the price ($3.75). After the first half-off tube, prices are $7.50 for 1 tube, $15 for 2 tubes, $21.50 for 3 tubes, and $27 for 4 tubes.

Whetstone Labs pays the shipping and handling. If you love the outdoors, get a 3-tube pack with the first tube at the special $3.75 price ($18.75 total). Send your check (for $18.75 or whatever other order you wish) to:

Whetstone Labs

P.O. Box 2267

Crested Butte, CO 81224

You can also call their toll-free number:


We have no financial ties to this company. I simply know that Beaver 43 is the best.



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