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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

Medical Doctors are the Leading killers of Americans

Now, I want to put this into a slightly different perspective. I did some research, because I wanted to know. Depending on whose numbers you use, there are about 600 million to 1.2 billion people per year traveling on airplanes in the US alone. There are about 600 million to 900 million visits to a medical doctor each year in the US.

Let’s say that roughly the same number of people step onto a plane as step into a doctors’ office. A jumbo jet holds roughly 250-300 passengers, depending on the airline and how full it is. If the airline industry was killing 225,000 people every year, it would be the equivalent of 1,000 jumbo jets worth of people (225,000 people divided by 225 passengers total) dying every year, if you divide 1,000 planes worth of people by 365 days in the year.

Comparing the two (it is uncanny how well the numbers work out) and you get two jumbo jets crashing every DA Y, with everyone on board being killed.

Imagine if you wake up tomorrow and all over the news you see: “Two Jumbo Jets Crashed, and Everyone on Board Is Killed!” Then the next day: “Two jumbo jets crashed today, and everyone is dead.” Then the next day: “Two jumbo jets crashed again today, and everyone was killed…” The next day: “Two more jumbo jets crashed today, no survivors, everyone dead…” The next day: “Two jumbo jets crashed today, and all passengers were killed, everyone dead.”

Y ou think to yourself that you are supposed to go on a flight next week. Do you cancel? Then the next day, again, two jumbo jets crash, killing everyone on board. The next day, two jumbo jets crash, no survivors. When is it you decide to not fly? How many days does it take of two jumbo jets crashing every day before you decide not to fly? How long before you start talking to your family about not flying? How long before you decide it is worth your time to do what it takes to be well?

The next day, two more jumbo jets crash and burn, and everyone on board is killed. It has only been eight days.

I want you to pause and think here for a moment. Do this for real. I want you to imagine what would it really be like if, every day, two jumbo jets crashed, killing everyone on board, leaving no survivors. How long before the airline industry would be out of business? How long before the government would step in and do something? What would the news media be like? What would people be saying and talking about?

The Medical Profession is the leading killer of Americans.

So what can you do?

Learn how to get and keep your health naturally with my New Book:

The Creator’s Manual for Your Body – Freeing you from the bondage of Symptoms and Disease for Life


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