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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

What to do when you tried what seems like everything to heal...

Why healing fails

Have you done all you can think of to get something to heal? And it has not healed?
If you are doing all the physical stuff “outside” and no change, You might want to consider going within.

We often think the problem is from something outside of us. That the solution to the problem is from outside of us. Because we think (maybe only on an unconscious level) that we are not enough. And the answers to the problem can only be found outside of us.

Often though, it is not from something outside, but from beliefs, thoughts and Ideas on the inside.
Often, they don’t seem to be directly related to the problem on the surface.

Like you might have a belief that life is hard, and because life is hard you are creating the problems you have.
Or you might believe that healing is difficult, so you created this problem to show you how difficult it is, to prove it right.
You might believe  . . . .

Only you can go within, and ask the questions, ask for love, ask for forgiveness of that which is causing this.

And when/if you do, your higher self will release the guilt and fear that is causing this. causing you to look outside yourself for the problem so you can then maybe cure it, and go within and release that which originally caused it from within.

Now, this is what most people don’t want to do and often refuse to do. The problem is not me, the problem is not myself, there is nothing wrong with me. So they search and search on the outside for the solution. Never finding it.

The problem being inside of you is not a “blaming” thing. You did wrong, so you are wrong, and it is your fault. We often get our beliefs and programming completely unconsciously. From TV. From our parents when we are young. From our peers growing up. And none the less, now you have to do something about them, because you did accept them. You took them on. So now you are the only one who can give them up. Who can get rid of them.

I have a set of CD’s that can help you go within, and release a lot of stuff that is probably getting in your way. You can read about them here.


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