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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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All 41 people who came in contact with Chinese bird flu declared healthy

All 41 people who came in contact with Chinese bird flu declared healthy

BEIJING -- China has given a clean bill of health to 41 people who came in contact with a woman who died of bird flu, state media said.

However, the residents of eastern Anhui province will receive follow-up checkups, the official Xinhua News Agency said Wednesday. It did not give any more details.

The 35-year-old woman, a farmer from Xiuning County, developed pneumonia-like symptoms after coming in contact with sick and dead poultry and died Nov. 22. She was the country's second confirmed human fatality from bird flu.

On Nov. 10, a 24-year-old farmer who lived in Anhui's Zongyang County died of the same symptoms. One other human case has been confirmed in the central province of Hunan, but the 9-year-old boy has recovered.

Telephones at county and provincial health bureaus were not answered Thursday. The Anhui Health Department earlier said the 41 under observation included relatives of the 35-year-old woman and the medical staff who treated her.

Outbreaks of bird flu in China's poultry are still occurring despite stepped-up prevention and surveillance measures. There have been 25 outbreaks in chickens, ducks and geese reported across the country since Oct. 19.

Health Minister Gao Qiang said Wednesday that China was not hiding information about bird flu but that officials in rural areas may not detect cases as quickly as they should.

"Bird flu is mostly occurring in rural areas, and sometimes in very remote mountainous areas where local health conditions are very poor ... local health staff are not very competent," Gao said at a news conference. "I am afraid those people will not be able to identify, diagnose and treat the epidemic early enough."

The latest was case was in Xinyuan, a county in the far northwestern region of Xinjiang, where 300 birds died on Nov. 24, Xinhua said.

Authorities culled more than 118,000 poultry within a three-kilometer radius as a precaution, it said.

The H5N1 bird flu virus has resulted in the deaths of at least 68 people and more than 100 million birds in Asia since 2003. (AP)

Dr. Jamie’s Comment

It just goes to show you how any chance “they” get they try and use fear to control you. Because when you are fearful you will do irrational things. Like inject known poisons into your body.

There is another article on showing the actual connection How Rumsfeld DIRECTLY profited from all the bird flu vaccines that were forced on the American people by the government.

But you won’t see that anywhere in the news. 

Add to your level of health and you won’t have to worry about viruses and bacteria attacking you. They need a weakened host first. So stay healthy and you are fine.

How do you add to your health? The Creator’s Manual for Your Body is how. Go here to learn how to add to your health? (It is a book I wrote)

“They” are always trying to keep you in fear because you are easier to control when you are acting out of fear instead of love.

Lets see what I can think of.

Killer Bees
Small Pox
Chemical Warfare
Chinese Bird Flu
Mad Cow Disease
General Blanket Levels of Alert by the Government? For no reason?

Notice how none of these ever amounted to anything. They were just used at the time to spread fear. Until they couldn’t anymore. Then something new was “created” to take its place.

Umm, do you need me to continue. When you are fearful you can be controlled. When you are acting out of love, you cannot. Wake up and realize there are no threats. Act out of love. Add love into your system (health) and you will be fine.

Do what they say and act out of fear and you will be in trouble. As well as not have as much fun because you are fearful.


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