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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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The Truth about Low Fat Diets and their Harmful Effects

Can a Low-Fat Diet INCREASE Your Risk of Heart Disease?

YES! And not can they, Low-Fat Diets DO increase your risk of Heart Disease and other Dis-eases.

The other article in this newsletter talks about a $415 million health study which showed that - contrary to what the researchers expected - a "low-fat" diet did not reduce the risk of heart disease or cancer. When the study was published in February, the media gave it some attention. Certainly not the attention they have given the "low-fat diet is healthy" myth over the last 30 years ... but at least they covered it.

But mainstream media sources didn't tell you everything about that study. In fact, they left out a very important finding. They reported that the low-fat diet was useless ... without adding that, in some cases, it was worse than useless. It was potentially life-threatening.

Among the women studied, 3.4% had pre-existing cardiovascular disease. The researchers found that when these women went on the low-fat diet, their relative risk of heart disease (fatal and non-fatal) was increased by 26%!

This is consistent with previous studies in which researchers instructed subjects to reduce their saturated fat intake and replace it with "healthy" omega-6 vegetable oils ... only to discover an increased risk of cardiovascular mortality. Omega-3 Fatty acids are what are good for you.

In an article titled Why the Low-Fat Diet Is Stupid and Potentially Dangerous, Australian health researcher Anthony Colpo argues that the focus on cholesterol and saturated fat is costing lives. People are dying because they are not being told about the REAL causes of heart disease: excess omega-6 vegetable oils, elevated insulin and blood sugar, chronic stress, a lack of antioxidants, and a diet of processed foods lacking critical nutrients such as omega-3 fats, magnesium, selenium, zinc, folate, and vitamin D.

In fact, in my book The Creator’s Manual for Your Body – I say the exact same thing. The Medical Profession and their refusal to accept and embrace any changes to the way they think is why so many Americans are still dying of heart disease. Because the Medical profession is still telling them low fat is good. When in fact Low fat diets are the primary cause of Heart Disease.

Read another of my articles I wrote a while ago telling people about the Low Fat Diet Myth


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