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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

How You can Change Your Beliefs

Changing Your Beliefs

The first thing I often have to address is how you can change your beliefs. Many people do not realize that you can. So if you know you can change your beliefs, feel free to skip down to the next section

Here is the simplest way to show someone how easy it is to change your beliefs. Ready?

Did you used to believe in Santa Clause? Do you now? See, you can change your beliefs. One of the most common ways this happens is with new information.

Have you ever liked someone and believed they were a nice person, then found out some information about that person and you didn’t believe they were a nice person any more?

New information of the right kind helps you change your beliefs, which will intern change the way you think, and the way you act, and therefore the results you are producing in life.

The Results Model

What you need to know about how your beliefs affect the results you have right now in your life.

Your beliefs/thoughts determine your perception , which generates feelings . Feelings generate your “motivation”… that motivation gets you to take action ,or not take action, which produces the results you experience in life.

Beliefs/thoughts generate perceptions.
Perceptions generate feelings.
Feelings generate motivation, which leads to action.
Our consistent action determines our results.

Habits are nothing more than repetitive actions that are often times automatic or unconscious . We don’t even think, we just react to stimuli or go on auto pilot (for example, driving home a certain way).

How Your Beliefs and Conditioning Get Programmed  
1. Repetition


2000 exposures to advertisements each day – how many do you remember?
Do they all register with our subconscious? Yes.
Does advertising work? Yes.
Watch Saturday morning TV…8 out of 10 adds are for junk food.
Childhood obesity is over 30% and adult onset diabetes is now happening in 11-12 year olds

  2. Jack Pot Reinforcement


A peak emotional state that is connected to a unique stimulus;
ex: smell of grandmas cooking makes you feel warm and safe =comfort foods.

Your first true love might be triggered by a song or by getting money in a birthday card.

Let’s talk a bit more about Our Beliefs = our conditioned, habitual thinking patterns! This is the software that determines our behavior!!

What is a belief = a feeling of certainty
Imagine a table top without legs. That’s an “idea”.
Ex. You can’t trust men. You have and experience that reinforces your belief.
You add another leg supporting that belief. We call this a reference. It starts to
be more true for you.

You are more certain about that idea and start taking ownership. It becomes your opinion. When you have enough references (4-5 legs supporting it), it becomes a belief. It is your reality. You are certain that you can’t trust men.

When you have so many references that you do not even question a belief, it can become a conviction. A conviction is something you feel so strongly about that you would almost die defending it.

So it goes from and idea , to an opinion , to a belief , to a conviction .

There are 2 Types of Belief Systems (BS)
Empowering and Limiting Belief Systems

Empowering BS gives you energy, confidence and makes you feel good and gets you to take action. Dis-empowering BS drains your energy, makes you feel badly and can cause you to not want to take action.

Limiting BS – Fears, excuses, rationales and lies.

Placebo & Nocebo Effect – An expectation or belief “Creates the Result” or a Self Fulfilling Prophesy.

Henry Ford said “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right!”

It does not matter whether you are right or wrong, or if your beliefs are true or false. What matters is “Do they serve you?”

Other distinctions about a Belief System (BS):


1. Global beliefs (men are, life is…)
2. Rules (if so and so, than so and so; or standards “ I don’t smoke”)
3. Conditional beliefs (men are untrustworthy when…context of relationships)
4. Belief Systems can be conscious or unconscious
5. Pygmalion Effect (How another’s beliefs of expectations can influence your results
6. Belief Systems are like filters that affect your view of the world: perceptions.

How long does it take to reprogram a habit?
21-30 days. How long have you been in the game?
You have been reprogramming yourself for X# of weeks. This is when your old habits
and conditioning start to try to pull you back.

Distinction: Habits are conditioned responses to unconscious actions. Belief systems are conditioned patterns of thinking.

A Process for Conditioning in a New Habit:


1. Become aware and conscious of your current belief/habit.
2. Get leverage on yourself. What are the consequences of not changing and beliefs not changing.
3. Assume responsibility – realize you have a choice and DECIDE to change.
4. Interrupt the old pattern – scratch the record.
5. Install a new habit – switch from coffee to tea.
6. Repeat, Reward and Reinforce the new habit/behavior.

3 More ways to eliminate old beliefs that are not supporting you


1. Change Your Beliefs with Aversion Therapy
2. Argue against Your beliefs
3. Hypnotherapy

Aversion Therapy is exactly that. You create a negative stimuli every time you think a belief or thought that does not support you. You then create a positive thought or the opposite thought and do a positive stimuli.

Put a Rubber Band Around Your wrist and every time you have a negative thought, pull the rubber band as far as it goes and snap it.
It will hurt and that is the point.
Then think a positive or the opposite thought and kiss and pet and be nice to your wrist.

Do this for 30 days and watch your thoughts change.

Argue against your beliefs . When you find a belief that is limiting you write it down. Then have some one say to you (like it is their belief) that exact belief. Then you look at them like they are a bit strange for thinking that, then begin to prove your case that "their" belief is not valid. Do this with lots of emotion and feeling behind it.

Then when you are all done have them say in an exaggerated way something like, WOW, thank you for that insight Jamie, that is amazing, you are right.

Then you say something like sure, no problem, of course, no big deal. As if it is a fore gone conclusion that anyone would believe any other way than what you were proving.

Example: Jamie and Bob
Jamie's Belief might be - I cannot lose weight
Bob would then say to Jamie - Jamie, you know I have this belief that I cannot lose weight.

Jamie would then say something like (with lots of emotion), oh my gosh, are you serious bob. That is just so not true. First of all going to the bathroom causes you to lose weight. It is not even about losing weight, it is about being your ideal weight or ideal body size. You have been there once before so you know you can be there. Now it is just a matter of the steps to take you there. It is like a road trip. If you want to go to the town 5 miles from you, you can get there. It is just figuring out how. You might have to walk, but if you took one step after the other, eventually you would get there. Just because some people can drive and get their quicker doesn't mean you cannot be there. Of course you can be your ideal weight and size.
Bob would then say in a dramatic voice something like - WOW, That is amazing. You are right I can be my ideal weight. Thanks you so much.
Jamie would then say something like, no problem, whatever I can do.

And you can do this with any belief you don’t want.

Hypnotherapy –
Hypnotherapy is another great way to help you change your beliefs.
Anyone who can follow directions can be hypnotized. Because if you simply follow the directions of the hypnotist, you will be hypnotized. Which also means they cannot make you do anything you don’t want because you simply stop following directions and you won’t be hypnotized anymore.

And if hypnotists could make you do things you didn’t want, don’t you think there would be a lot more of them and they would have a lot more money?

There are any people who have created CD’s so you can do it from the privacy of your own home as well.

One of the Best CD’s I have found to help you by your ideal weight is a CD from Learning Strategies. It uses something called paraliminal technology that addresses both your right and left brain function at the same time weaving in hypnosis to get you the changes you want. It is like hypnosis on steroids.
To read more about these weight Loss hypnosis cd’s go here

They also have another CD like this for Directly Changing any beliefs you have

You can also see someone one-on-one for sessions. The beauty of Hypnotherapy is even if you don't believe that it works, it will still work for you. : )

There are many more factors that go into your belief systems and Being Healthy and Your Ideal weight.

I have two books that go into being healthy and Being Your Ideal weight in a simple to understand way that anyone can understand.

And more importantly, actually apply and make changes in your life.

The Ultimate Non Diet – Shattering the 12 biggest Diet Myths – The Secrets to being Slim, Sexy, Slender and Healthy for Life

The Creators Manual for Your Body – Freeing you from the bondage of symptoms and disease for Life


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