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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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How to Heal Your Guilt

How to Get Rid Of And Heal All Guilt

Before you can begin to eliminate guilt, first you must understand where guilt comes from.

Guilt is a feeling caused by your thoughts not being in line with what you want or your purpose. And I am not talking about the choices you have made in the past causing the guilt.

If you pay attention you will notice that you do not feel guilty all the time. Just when you are thinking certain thoughts. Usually about the future outcomes of what might happen in relationship to the choices you made.

So when you are feeling guilty it is a sing from your body to quit thinking those thoughts you are having right now. Think about something else.

You can read my article here on the emotional guidance system you were given.

So Guilt is a feeling caused by improper thoughts.

Ultimately, why is it that even those thoughts cause guilt is because you are not being loving towards yourself.

When you are experiencing guilt you are withholding love from yourself. You are not being For-Giving towards yourself. You are saying you are “bad and wrong” and not being open to loving yourself.

So another easy way to eliminate guilt is be loving towards yourself. Realize that everything that has happened has happened for a reason and could not have happened any other way (That is a quote from the 2 nd Matrix Movie)

The choices you made were the ones you made and being guilty about them serves no purpose. You do not have to feel bad for choices you made. You are only meant to learn from your past choices.

And that lesson is to follow your inner knowing. See, the choices we make with our mind are prone to guilt and mistakes and problems.

The choices we make with our inner knowing are always led by God of God and therefore serving us at all times.

So when you choose with your mind over your heart or inner knowing or holy spirit or whatever you want to call it, you may feel guilt.

But then simply realize you are withholding love from yourself as a form of “punishment” for not making the right choice. Your creator does not expect or want you to suffer. Your creator simply wants you to learn to follow your inner knowing. And everything is used as a correction to help bring you to that.

Be loving towards yourself and for-giving towards yourself like your creator is and the feeling of guilt will disappear. Because you are no longer having the thoughts that caused the feeling of guilt.

Not only 1, but 2 different ways to eliminate guilt. The catch is, you actually have to do them. If not, oh well, you will just keep your guilt.


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