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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

The connection between diet and acne cure

The Link Between Diet and Acne

I have written before in ETR about the personal transformation I experienced a couple of years ago. After I removed the sugar, starchy carbs, grains, vegetable oils, fake fats, and processed foods from my diet, I began to immediately notice changes in my health. I reached my ideal weight almost effortlessly, and my energy level and mood improved noticeably.

But what surprised me was the effect on my skin. I had never suffered from bad acne, but I always seemed to have a breakout here or there. Even past the age of 30. Until, that is, I changed my diet. When I cut out the high-glycemic carbohydrates and began to base my meals on vegetables and wild or naturally raised animal protein, the breakouts vanished. And they didn't come back.

That's why I read "The Dietary Cure to Acne," an e-book written by Dr. Loren Cordain, Ph.D, with great interest. He clearly shows that most acne is caused by the adverse hormonal effects of a high-glycemic diet, and by certain anti-nutrients found in wheat and other grains . In addition to the clinical proof he presents, he points to several indigenous cultures where acne was completely absent until those societies adopted a Western diet.

Not only does Dr. Cordain present a strong scientific case for the role of diet in acne, he also presents a clear solution. And his solution is not a diet, but a lifelong approach to eating that will not only cure acne, but also help normalize weight and maximize health.

I highly recommend Dr. Cordain's e-book to everyone.

You can get a copy of the e-book Jon referred to today - "The Dietary Cure to Acne" - by clicking here


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