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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

Water and Lower Blood Pressure

Why does Water help lower blood pressure in people?

Let me explain by giving you an example. Imagine trying to suck ketchup through a straw. You are going to have to suck pretty hard to get the ketchup through the straw.

Now, put some water in the ketchup and mix it around. What happens to the amount of pressure you need to suck the ketchup through the straw?

It is less pressure.

Well, if your blood is thick and sludgy your body still needs oxygen and nutrients to all the cells. Even the cells by the very small, itty-bitty blood vessels called capillaries need nutrients.

So what does your body do? It increases the pressure to make sure the thick sludgy blood gets through.

Now, if you drink water and ‘thin out’ your blood, what happens to the amount of pressure the body needs to get the blood through the blood vessels?

The blood pressure is less.

So often people just do not drink enough purified water.

So how much and what is purified water?

Half your body weight in ounces each day. That means if you weigh 150 lbs, you need 75 ounces of purified water each day.

Purified water means a cheap carbon block filter at a minimum – like a Pur or Britta (name brands) filter. Reverse Osmosis is best, and those filters are a little more expensive.

The body has an allocation system. It doesn’t evenly distribute the water as you drink it. The brain gets most of the water first, then the organs, then the endocrines, then the joints, etc.

So drinking more water, is NOT a good gauge of if water is the solution. You must drink ALL your water to see if water is what you need. To make sure that your body is allocating the water to what you need.

Drinking more water than you have been is good, but might not be good enough. You must drink all the water your body needs. Otherwise your body might not allocate any water from the additional water you drink to the problem you are trying to get to heal.

Is your water purified? Check out the water purifiers I recommend here

Last year or early this year your newsletter talked about high blood pressure and salt NOT being the culprit, but lack of water is what often causes high blood pressure.  I immediately increased my water by at least double.

I have had BP problems and have been on medication for years, but even the meds do not help when I go to a Dr as my "white coat anxiety" is so strong that my BP shoots up to 200/90 or more.  Usually after sitting in the Dr office awhile it will go down.  This has been happening for years!!

After increasing my water for 2-3 months I had a physical 5 months ago, and my BP...IN THE DOCTORS OFFICE.....was NORMAL!!!!!!!!!  I could hardly believe it!

I thought it might just be a fluke....but when I went to the Dr about my sore arm 2 weeks ago, my BP was NORMAL ONCE AGAIN!!!

MY thanks to you....and water...:)

Sincerely, -- Louise Christian

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