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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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Having Trouble getting pregnant? Simple solutions that might help

Low Sperm Count?

Even if the doctor gives you the Diagnosis of “low sperm count” there are many things that can be done to increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Even if the “sperm count” doesn’t go up.

Even with low sperm counts and slow sperm you can still get pregnant. And it doesn’t hurt to actually increase Your sperm count if possible either.

Lack of Enough Water

Dehydration is a major factor in low sperm counts. So the question is, how much water are you drinking? What kind of water? You should really be drinking 1 quart for every 50 pounds of body weight a day. So if you are 200 pounds, 1 gallon a day. You really want a good source of filtered water as well. Like Reverse Osmosis or another.

Here is an article I wrote about water

Tight Underwear/Pants

Another common cause of low sperm count is tight underwear. If you are wearing briefs or “tighty whitey’s” Switch to boxers. The testicles have to be at an exact body temperature to produce healthy sperm. So your body has a muscle that lowers and raises the testicles to create this exact temperature for sperm production. But if you have tight underwear on, the testicles cannot “lower” because the underwear will continue to hold them up. This is one of the most common and overlooked causes of infertility. This also applies to tight pants. If you have boxers but where tight pants, same problem. Give your guys some room down there.

Healthy Food

The food you eat is also a big issue in your sperm production. The sperm are made up of “stuff”. And if you don’t eat the food that contains that “stuff” no matter how healthy you are, your body will not be able to make the sperm.

It is like wanting a healthy brick house, but if you don’t have any bricks, good luck. You need the right “stuff” to make sperm, and you have to eat it.

You also need different “stuff” for the process of making sperm. Like if you make something in the shop you will use saws, clamps, hammers, etc, stuff that is not in the finished product, but needed to make the project. Or baking, you have the ingredients, and you also need measuring cups, mixers, bowls, etc to make it. They are not in the final ingredients, but necessary to make the baked good.

You must have these ingredients in the food you eat as well, otherwise the sperm you do make will not be so healthy. Imaging building a house without any sort of hammer, wouldn’t work so well.

Here is a link to some free healthy eating articles I have written. If you have not read books or articles about eating healthy before, I suggest reading most of the articles on this page.

If you are familiar, I would suggest skimming them at least.

Being Toxic

If you are toxic, producing healthy sperm is going to be last on your bodies list of things to do. Making Sperm is not a vital function to your life (as much as you may want to believe it is : ). So doing a good detox program could be beneficial to your sperm production.

And doing a good detox program is always beneficial. IF you are less toxic, you are always better off. And odds are it will help your sperm production as well.

I have a great natural, safe and gentle detox program at

When to have Sex

The day the women ovulates
The ovulation cycle

Women ovulate 14 days BEFORE the first day she begins to bleed. Every time. Even if her cycle is irregular. Now you can use this to help figure out exactly when she is fertile. That is the day you have sex.

Having sex often only causes the sperm to weaken because you have to produce more sperm and your body is already having trouble with that.

There is a product on the market called an ovutec. It is $30 and can be purchased on the internet at

It tests the saliva of women is reusable. The ovutech tells you if your wife is fertile or not in a matter of minutes. The secret is only having sex when you know you are fertile.

Go here for an article on how to figure out when women ovulate.

There are other reasons why of course, these are usually the most overlooked, easiest to correct, and cheapest.

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