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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

Hypothyroidism in Women can be easy to heal

Thyroid problems in women is a very common problem.
Especially in todays society.

There is no one cause of low or high thyroid levels. There are many causes in different people. As I like to say, many contributing factors.

If you deal with enough of the contributing factors, you no longer have a problem.

So what is it that contributes to thyroid problems?

3 of the biggest things are:

1. Gluten in your diet
2. Hydrogenated oils in your diet
3. Imbalance of estrogen and progesterone in the body

The first two are relatively simple to eliminate from your diet, but not necessarily easy. They are everywhere. And you really need to eliminate all of the gluten and hydrogenated oils for it to be effective.

Gluten is part of the wheat and other grains. It is one of the most common allergies people have. And it is because of this reaction people have, sometimes the reaction happens only internally. There are no outward symptoms.

But gluten reacting in many people contributes to thyroid problems.

Hydrogenated oils – Recently even the FDA finally admitted there are no safe levels of hydrogenated oils. Yes, they said none. No safe levels.

But yet they are still in food everywhere. And some food is even 100% hydrogenated oils, like margarine.

So how do you find out if hydrogenated oils are in the food you are eating?

You have to read the labels. But you cannot look at the little square box thingy. You actually have to read the list of ingredients. Usually in fine print somewhere on every food container.

You are looking for anything that says hydrogenated or shortening. Don’t be fooled by the “zero trans-fat” on the container. It still might contain it.

Read how the FDA allows people to advertise zero trans fats and it still has trans fats.

Why are trans fats bad? You might be surprised.

Natural Progesterone.
This is a major ingredient that many people miss in regards to thyroid problems.

John Lee MD has a whole book about it.

But basically, with all the birth control pills and chemically manuractured hormones, women are becoming estrogen dominant. And this throws their thyroid level out of wack. (wack is a technical chiropractic term meaning not right)

John Lee also has a testing kit to check your levels of estrogen and progesterone. This test is actually more accurate than a blood test.

This test is available here

Where can you get natural progesterone to help balance out your estrogen levels? Here is where you can buy progesterone cream as well.


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