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Be Well
Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

How to look at Healing Your Skin Problems


Congratulations on beginning to add to your health by eating better and doing physical activity. And already Great that your feet have cleared up! (even thought not everything has yet)

Really get that for yourself and celebrate the success.

Many people don't celebrate their successes and so the universe quits giving them successes.

It is like this, imagine you give someone a compliment, and all they say is I know.
No thank you, no nothing.
And every time you do this they do the same thing and just say I know.
How long would you want to give this person compliments?
Not very long.

The universe is constantly giving you successes. And focusing on what hasn't happened and not celebrating the successes of what has happened makes your mind less likely to create them in the future.

So celebrate your feet clearing up.

If you did nothing more than just continue what you are doing, you know the rest of you would clear up.

Everyone is different, so just because I (or anyone else for that matter) knows the symptoms doesn’t mean I know what you need to do to be well in a treating and diagnosis world.

But what I can tell you is keep adding to your health. When you add enough health your body will heal itself. And often you don't even have to know "why" something was happening. It will just heal.

The 7 things you can do to add to your health (in my book

  1. listening to your inner knowing and acting on it
  2. breathing fresh air
  3. Rest
  4. Food and water - Fresh and Pure
  5. Sunlight
  6. physical activity
  7. Awareness during them all

These are the biggest things you can do (in order) to add to your health the quickest.

If you haven't got my book I would also suggest that. It is amazing at helping people shift their thinking of health to one that empowers them rather than makes them a victim.

It is like your grass. How do you get a green lawn? Do you deal with the blades of grass or do you go to the roots? Right, you go to the roots. You cannot put green paint on the grass, you cannot do anything to the grass itself and expect long term results. You must go beneath the surface and deal with the roots if you want lasting results.

You cannot treat skin problems be dealing with the outside of the skin. Lotions and potions and oils and etc wont' cut it. You must go to the roots or your inner self and health, and deal with that. Because when you do your skin will get better from the inside out.

Skin also has to do with boundaries a lot of times.

Some one (maybe yourself) is crossing your boundaries and you are letting them. Look for how this might be and enforce your boundaries and that will probably help a lot for your healing.

Skin also can have a lot to do with anger.

Do you have a lot of experiences in the past that involved anger?

If so, doing something to release all your past stored negative emotions can be very helpful. (I just happen to have some CD's for this, or any other way you know will work as well)

In fact, releasing all your stored past emotional experiences in general is always a great thing to do.

One other thing skin often has to do with is toxicity. If your body is toxic it can often try and detox through the skin. This will often result in rashes, itching, flaking, etc, etc. My favorite detox program is the one by HVS labs.

It is naturally, you can do it and still eat and drink anything you want. And it is gently and works over an 8 week period.

There are again a couple thousand other detox programs out there. If your inner knowing is telling you that you need to detox do one. Doesn't matter which one, just do one. You know my favorite. : )

Dr. Jamie,

I've read your book and have started making changes to my diet and exercise regimen; however, recently I was diagnosed with eczema. I've researched on the web, but cannot seem to find an solution that has worked for me. I've had the condition (dry, scaly, itching) on my face, hands and privates for some time now. My PCP, gynecologist, nor dermatologist have been able to figure out the problem. I do not have any inflammation or discharge, just incessant itching and dry skin in those areas. Surprisingly, though, my feet have cleared up some, but my face and privates still itch and look scaly.

I've used oils, lotions, moisturizers - you name it, I've tried it with no relief. At one time, I thought it was a fungus and was using topical treatments for such symptoms, my face and skin LITERALL Y was biting me and the itching was simply unbearable. I've run out of things to try including foods, eliminating foods, stress relievers, and vitamins. Please help!

What can I do at this point?


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