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how to stop ringing in your ears tinnitus natural cure

Help for Your Ringing Ears

Are your ears ringing? It's a condition called tinnitus that affects millions of people. Mainstream medicine has no answer - but I have at least a partial solution for you: Boosting your blood levels of CoQ10 can lower the volume of the ringing. It's not a cure, but it provides some relief for the majority of people who try it.

German researchers recently published a new study confirming that CoQ10 helps reduce the expression of tinnitus. This was especially true for those who had low levels of CoQ10 to begin with.

As I've explained before in ETR, CoQ10 is a critical co-enzyme that generates energy in the "powerhouse" or mitochondria of every cell in your body. It's known for its role in maintaining heart health and preventing heart attacks and stokes. But its regenerative powers have been linked to many other health issues too, including gum disease and migraines.

CoQ10 is found naturally in red meat and the organ meat of wild animals. But to get relief from tinnitus, you may need a supplement. I recommend 200 mg of a high-potency, highly absorbable CoQ10 formula. Stay away from the "powder" or dry tablet forms. They're ineffective and are not absorbed into your bloodstream.


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