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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

how to help your body heal your diabetes

The first and foremost important thing – is actually 3 things.

  1. Quit eating refined carbs
  2. Get Your Nerves Checked and working properly
  3. Get the reasons why your body is not healing out of the way

There are more things you can – and may need to do- but these 3 are essential.

I have additional things at the end that sometimes are needed or often seem to help.

So the first one – quit eating refined carbs. What are refined carbs and why?

First what is Diabetes, Type 1 or 2? It is simply your blood sugar levels are too high.

Type 1 is when you have it from birth implying your body never correctly regulated your blood sugar levels.

Type 2 is when you develop high blood sugar levels implying you once had control over your blood sugar levels but no longer do.

So what controls your blood sugar levels?

Most people know the pancreas helps lower blood sugar levels by producing and releasing insulin.

What many people do not realize (Including some doctors - to take a cheap stab at doctors who only learn what the drug reps tell them) is that your liver and adrenals actually produce hormones that are designed to raise your blood sugar levels.

So let me ask you this. If you have hormones that actually raise your blood sugar levels and diabetes is just high blood sugar levels. Don’t you think it makes sense that in some of the people with diabetes it has nothing to do with their pancreas? I do.

So if diabetes is simply your blood sugar levels are too high, then if you quit eating things that raise your blood sugar levels, you are less likely to have high blood sugar levels. Unless of course your adrenals or liver are the culprit and actually raising your blood sugar levels ill-advised.

What spikes your blood sugar levels the most is refined carbohydrates.

What are refined carbs?

Refined carbohydrates include anything that ends in "ose." Sucrose, fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose, dextrose, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup and sugar all count as sugar. An easy way to remember this is anything that rhymes with "gross."

I am not talking about sugar naturally found in fruits and other such sources. If nature put it there, it is usually fine. And again, how it affects you will depend more on you individually than the type of fruit itself. Yes, sugar is natural, but it is not fresh. And when you add it to another food, the other food is not pure either.

Refined carbohydrates also come in the form of grains and flours. Most pasta, bread, flour, and other grain-based products are refined, almost to the point of sugar, and to the point where the refined carbohydrates respond in the body the same way sugar does.

The average American eats over 300 pounds of sugars each year. Most of this is because of all the sugar that is added to the everyday foods most people eat. – is it any wonder so many Americans are getting type 2 diabetes at younger and younger ages?

So quit eating these refined carbs.

There are actually two substitutes you can do if you won’t give up bread or sugar.In the beginning you will want to lay off them completely, until your body has had a chance to start healing.

  1. Sucanat – it is a whole type sugar. Much better than stevia, or other artificial sweeteners.
  2. Ezekiel bread and products. In the freezer section of most health food stores they have a type of bread called Ezekiel bread. It is bread made from sprouted grains and beans. Meaning it is not made from grains, as much as it is made from sprouts.
    They also make other products like pasta, cereals, tortilla type shells, etc.

Now you must understand the difference between average and normal.

Average is a mathematical statistic . Don't let that big M word scare you. All average means is that you add up all the totals you have and divide by the number of totals you added. This gives you an average of the group of numbers.

Normal is what is right for an individual, or what is common or appropriate for a particular person.

What the medical profession does is make the average normal . They measure a bunch of people's blood pressure, divide the added totals by the number of people they measured, and come up with an average blood pressure.

And then they say this is the normal blood pressure for everyone.

I will let you in on a little secret. If you had the blood pressure I have at this exact moment, you would probably pass out. If you had the same blood pressure standing as you did sitting, you would probably pass out. Your blood pressure changes all the time, all day long. Your normal blood pressure needs to be different than everyone else's. You need the right blood pressure for you at the right time. If you had the average blood pressure all the time, you probably would be dead by now.

Just because some numbers are the average does not mean they are normal.

Everyone is different. Everyone knows this, it seems, except the medical symptom and disease care system. They seem to think we should all have the same numbers; otherwise there is something wrong with us.

And on top of that, the medical symptom and disease care system even changes what is supposedly normal with time. " Normal" depends on what year it is. Maybe this is because there is no normal for everyone. There is only a normal for you. What the medical profession says is normal is actually the average.

And you know, when dealing with averages, that not everyone is the average number. Just as in school, with the bell curve, the average might be a "C," but there are people who got "As" and those who got "Fs." Does that mean that just because the people who got "As" are not in the average, there is a problem with them, something is wrong? Of course not. And contrary to what many people will immediately think, someone who got an "F" does not automatically have a problem, either. Maybe they were absent, and that is their current grade. Maybe the grade is in gym, and they will be the next Bill Gates, so physical conditioning is not important to them. Maybe they forgot about the test and didn't study. The "F" might be a signal of something potentially wrong. It does not automatically signal a problem.

This is the same with the averages and normals the medical profession uses. The averages can serve as guideposts to maybe show a sign of some potential problem. The problem is that the medical symptom and disease care system uses the averages as normal, and if you are not normal, it is a problem, as they see it. They forget that the numbers are only averages, that everyone is different, and that your normal might be completely different than the average. For you, that normal is perfectly healthy, even though it is not average.

So what does all this normal average mean to diabetes?

Everyone is different. Your normal blood sugar level normals are different than the next person. Not everyone should have 120 as their normal sugar level. That is average.

Don’t worry as much about the number as what is your normal.

On to the 2nd of the 3 most important things.

  1. Quit eating refined carbs.
  2. Get your nerves checked and remove the interference from them
  3. Remove the barriers to why your body is not healing itself.

How do you get your nerves checked?

The only way that I know of so far is to go to a chiropractor who took the training to do so.

There is an actual medical test that measures 3 things about your nerves.

  1. How well they are controlling the organs and endocrine glands of your body
  2. the actual nerve conduction potential of your nerves, or how well your nerves are sending their messages
  3. The muscles of the spine and how they are affecting the nerves.

If this test finds nervous system interference you then need to remove it.
If not, this one is handled.

The person who did the test will be able to provide you with recommendations to remove the nerve interference. Follow them.

Why is this important?
What do the nerves control?

And in case you didn’t know, they control everything. The pancreas, lungs, heart, liver, brain, adrenals, muscles, movement, hormones, chemistry, etc. Everything.

And if the nerves going to these things are not working right, eventually the very thing the broken down nerves are having trouble controlling will develop problems.

Checking for nerve interference and removing it gives your body a better chance of functioning properly and all its parts working better.

Number 3 – removing what is keeping your body from healing.

  1. Quit eating refined carbs.
  2. Get your nerves checked and remove the interference from them
  3. Remove the barriers to why your body is not healing itself.

Your body was designed to heal itself. So why isn’t it? What is getting in the way of your bodies ability to heal itself?

That is the question almost no one ever asks. Everyone – including doctors and chiros alike, often look for what is wrong, so they can fix it. Viewing the body as a machine without an inner intelligence trying to heal itself. And if your car breaks down, the only way to fix it is find what is wrong and fix it.

But if your body is breaking down, unlike your car you have an inner intelligence that is trying to heal you. So if you are not healthy, you simply have to find the reasons why you are not healing and remove those barriers.

Then your body will heal naturally.

The most effective way I know of doing this is following your inner knowing. It will guide you to what you need to do and not do. That might be acupuncture, herbs, chiropractic, BodyTalk or drugs. (yes, you read that correctly, every once in a while – depending on a person’s beliefs – the inner knowing might guide someone to prescription or non prescription drugs to help heal)

But if you are like many, this inner knowing wants you to do things you often do now want to do. Like when you are full it tells you to stop eating. Often we don’t. When we eat sugar and deserts we know we shouldn’t but still do. When we are sitting on the couch doing nothing we know we should go exercise but don’t. This is what I mean by the inner knowing is telling you what to do but we just don’t listen.

I have written a book that talks a lot about following this inner knowing. It is called The Creator’s Manual for Your Body

Go here to read more about it or purchase a copy

So what else can you do?

BodyTalk. BodyTalk actually sets up a form of communication with your inner knowing and then proceeds to listen to your inner knowing and do what it says.

This often comes in the form of re-establishing communication within your body parts. See often the problem is not the liver or gall bladder or heart itself is broken down. The problem is often the part did not get the messages clearly from the rest of your body about what it was supposed to do. is the website all about BodyTalk

So what are the additional thing that will help?

Other things that might help:

A new study shows that 60 percent of patients with type 2 diabetes have vitamin D deficiency. A lack of vitamin D can affect bone health, as well as having other adverse effects.

The study's authors recommended widespread screening for vitamin D deficiency among diabetics, or routine vitamin D supplementation.

So what is the best form of Vitamin D? The sun.

The sun actually is necessary for your body to make Vitamin D. Which means direct sunlight on your skin (no toxic sunblock or clothes, no glass between you and the sun, etc.) You also want sunlight in your eyes that did not have to go through contacts, glasses or sunglasses. This also helps stimulate health and healing in the body.

What if you cannot get out in the sun?

Cataplex D from Standard Process is the best form of Vitamin D that I am aware of. It is made from whole foods that are organically grown and specially processed by a patented process to preserve the nutrients. So when you take these supplements there are no chemically manufactured synthetic vitamins, but the whole thing, the real thing, the cataplex.

For more information about standard process supplements go here

P.S. milk with Vitamin D added is a horrible source of Vitamin D

Where else can you get sunshine from but being outside?

Full spectrum light bulbs. They put out light similar to the sun and actually help your body produce vitamin D even in the cloudy winter months. And the best part is by using full spectrum bulbs in your house you actually save $75 per bulb. They are more expensive to buy, but they last 10 years and use 2/3rds less electricity than regular bulbs.

For the scoop on where to get good quality full spectrum bulbs go here.

Also, people who seem to be more depressed or sad in the winter, these lights are also great for preventing that.

Magnesium is a very good way to reduce your risk of diabetes. In fact, one of the diagnostic criteria for diabetes is a low level of magnesium.

Magnesium is essential for over 300 functions in your body, including the production and use of insulin. A Harvard study that followed 127,000 people for 18 years found that those who consumed the most magnesium were the least likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. And a number of studies suggest that seven out of 10 people do not get enough of this mineral.

The best source of magnesium is food - including leafy green vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and avocados. If you don't eat a lot of these foods, it would be wise to supplement your diet with a multi-mineral that is absorbable and can be used by your body.

Magnesium vs. Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium, a mineral that the majority of Americans are deficient in. Magnesium is necessary for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body and is critical for the prevention of heart disease and diabetes. So what is the best form of Magnesium?

Magneisum and Magnesium oxide do not have the same effect. Magnesium oxide is a more economical form of magnesium that is widely used by supplement manufacturers. In his health report, Nutritional Supplements That Don't Work, Bill Sardi writes: "Only 4% of magnesium oxide is absorbed. So a person taking 400 milligrams of magnesium oxide would effectively absorb only 16 milligrams."

There is nothing unsafe about magnesium oxide - it is just difficult to get the recommended 400 mg per day of magnesium with it. (Some experts suggest the optimal intake is closer to 800 mg.) There are other forms of magnesium (citrate and glycinate) that are somewhat more absorbable. But the only way to tell how much magnesium you are really getting is to find out how much "elemental magnesium" is in the product. If it is not listed on the label, write or call the manufacturer and ask.

In addition to taking a magnesium supplement, consider filling up on the many excellent food sources of magnesium, including green vegetables, salmon, nuts, seeds, and beans.

The best source I have found is US naturals. It is the best form possible of plant source minerals. Meaning plants have absorbed them and chelated them. This is how nature intended us to get minerals. From the plants we ate.

To Order these minerals or read more about them Click Here

And you will be directed to the US Naturals Order Form.

FettigJ1562 for the Sponsor ID they will request.

Zinc is also another mineral that can greatly help people with Diabetes . The US naturals minerals are also the best source of zinc I have found so far.

Diatroxal is another herbal supplement that is very helpful for some people.

It helps your body do other things with the gluclose in your blood so your blood sugar levels are not that high.

For more information go here

Exercise is also great at helping keep blood sugar levels low

The reason is simple. Your muscles use your blood sugar for energy. So if you exercise your muscles will use some of the blood sugar and thereby lower your blood sugar levels.

To start off, what is the best form of physical activity?

If you have been paying attention, you might be a little hesitant to answer because you know everyone is different. How can there be any one form of physical activity that is best for everyone? You would be right. However, the best form of physical activity is what you will actually do often. That is it. What you will actually do. And the good news is, it can be something different every day. You can walk one day, run another, go swimming another, play Frisbee golf another, go golfing the next, rollerblade the next day, ride your bike another day, etc. You do not have to do the same thing every day. But you can if you want to.

Some hints on listening to your inner knowing around physical activity: One day 30 minutes might be perfect for you, and the next day only 10 minutes is good. Other days an hour or two might be ideal. One day a slow relaxing pace might be ideal, the next a heavy vigorous workout might be called for. There are no rules about how and when you should or shouldn’t do physical activity. My only guideline would be: Do what you want to do, and listen to your inner knowing when doing it. The lawyers would want me to tell you to consult a physician before starting any exercise program here. My thought is, your inner knowing knows better than any doctor does about what is best for you. If you listen to your inner knowing and act on what it says, who cares about the doctor?

Listen to your inner knowing about how long and how intensely to work out. Don’t be so concerned with getting 30 minutes in at X heart rate three times a week. Don’t be concerned with lifting X pounds X times. Focus more on where you are at right now when you are doing physical activity, and do what is best for you right now.

Walking outside is great. You can take deep full breaths of fresh air when you are walking, go within and focus on the God Presence within you. You will also get sunlight from being outside. You can do four of the seven things in one activity. Walking. How easy is that? In fact, doing any physical activity outside can get you four of the seven things.

Bottom line, just do some form of sustained physical activity.

One of the last and most important concepts.

It is the secret of anti-aging, it is the secret of healing any disease – of curing cancer, of everything.

You must add to your level of health. Health is the thing and symptoms and disease are the absence of health.
What is Actually Health?

Nature works mostly on the principle of thing and no thing. Light is the thing and darkness is the absence of light. Sound is the thing and silence is the absence of sound. Health is the thing, and symptoms and disease are the absence of health.

But some time back they got mixed up. Somehow symptoms and disease became the thing, and once you treated away the symptoms and disease, you would be left with health. And yet most people know that health is more than the absence of symptoms and disease. So what does this mean? It means you have to do something other than treat symptoms and disease to be healthy.

Let me show you why. If there are shadows or darkness in a room, the only way to get light in the room is by turning on the light. No matter how many ways you can measure and quantify shadows, you cannot sweep them under a rug, cut them out of the room, or invent some chemical to get rid of the shadow. The only thing you can do is turn on the light.

Health is the thing. And no matter how many ways you can measure and quantify symptoms and disease, the only way to be healthy is to add to your health.

You can treat your symptoms and disease all you want and you will never be left with health. You can treat symptoms and disease with medicine, herbs, supplements, chiropractic, surgery or anything and until you add to your health, you will not be healthier.

Treating symptoms and disease naturally is better than with medicine and surgery because there are less side effects, but you are still not adding to your health. Treating Symptoms and Disease often helps make you more comfortable, but never healthier. The only way to be healthy is adding to your health.

So how do you add to your health?

To help you understand, a bucket of water metaphor. The bucket represents you. The water represents your level of health. What happens is that we all come into life with unique buckets. Written on the inside of your bucket is a list of all the symptoms and diseases that you are predisposed to.

When you were born you had a certain level of water in your bucket. Any symptoms or diseases that are written on the inside of your bucket above your water level, are the symptoms and disease you express.

Almost every one has symptoms that are above the water level of health: like fatigue, bad eyesight, low energy, allergies, headaches, and other minor symptoms. Many of these symptoms that you express are symptoms that you ignore because you think they are just part of life.

What you and most other people have done up until now is to take a symptom that is written above the water-line in the bucket and move it down below the water-line. And magic, no more symptom. The symptom was treated and now it is gone. What happened to the water level in the bucket when you treated the symptom and moved it lower in the bucket? That's right, nothing. Nothing happened to your level of health.

After a while the symptoms get all crowded and nudge around to make more room, and end up pushing some other symptom or disease above the water level on top because all the symptoms below need more space. This is why people who treat their symptoms are constantly having new symptoms they need to treat. Whether they treat their symptoms naturally, or with drugs and surgery, they are constantly treating their symptoms, and more keep coming.

What happens in life is that we also put holes in our bucket. As the water leaks out, more and more symptoms and diseases come up above the water level. We express more and more symptoms.

Some common examples of "holes in the bucket" are drinking alcohol, eating sugar, taking drugs (both prescription and over-the-counter), taking street drugs, experiencing stress, putting poisonous chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and other things into our body from the food we eat, smoking, misperceptions from faulty belief systems, etc.

Many people in the natural health care field got smart, and figured out that if you get someone to quit putting holes in their bucket, the water level in the bucket will go up. Because the body is always striving to be healthy.

But most people are either treating the symptoms or plugging the holes.

Up until this point, most people have not even considered anything outside of this paradigm of treating symptoms. They believed that treating symptoms was what you did to help people heal. Whether you treated symptoms naturally, or with drugs and surgery, all there really was to do was to treat symptoms. I mean, what else is there?

How about putting a hose in the bucket and turning it on? Turn the hose on full force. This will increase the water level in the bucket dramatically.

Adding water to the bucket is what no one has even considered as an option, let alone figured out how to do it. Well, I have done both, and that is what I will share with you, how to add to your health in a later lesson

Again, symptoms and disease are what is written on the inside of your bucket. When your health gets low, you begin to express symptoms and disease. If you add health to your bucket, your body will heal, and you will express fewer symptoms and disease.

You can treat the symptoms and you can plug the holes in your bucket. And you can put a hose in your bucket, and turn it on, thus increasing the level of your health.

When you treat or fix some symptom or disease in your body, although the symptoms or disease may be gone, you have done nothing to improve your health. Health is the thing to be added to. Health is the physical existence. And when you add to the bucket of health, the body naturally heals symptoms and disease.

So there you have it

It is a long one but should help many diabetics out.

If it doesn’t, you may need some additional things. But then it becomes more of an individual basis.

The most common thing is dealing with your stored emotions.

My favorite and easiest way I know of to release your past stored emotions, worries and upsets is the CD set I created.

To read more about it go here

To your Health.

Dr. Jamie


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