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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

Heal/Foot Pain Cure

You ready? This one is almost too simple because sometime people believe it won't work and don't even try it. And many times, it works.

Get a racquetball or New Tennis Ball and roll your foot around on the ball.

Golf balls can be too hard. Old tennis balls can be too soft.

It is usually easiest to do when you are sitting down, although if you want to work on your balance you can do it standing up.

With out socks or shoes put the ball on the floor and put your foot on top of the ball. The move your foot around working the ball across all the parts of the bottom of your foot.

Do this for 10-15 minutes per day and with in a week you will usually see an improvement in the pain. If you do, keep doing it daily and the pain will often go away.

When do you quit? When you want to quit. If the pain is getting better I would probably keep doing it. If the decrease in pain has hit a plateau, I would do it every once in a while to help keep the pain away. If the pain is completely gone, I would do it if the pain came back.

Now in reality I would ask my inner knowing about when to do it. but not everyone wants to do that.

What causes the pain? Well the old school of thought was the little spur you can see on x-ray is what causes the pain. But now they are finding out that the spur is also the effect of the same thing that is causing the pain.

It is like high cholesterol. They used to thing High cholesterol is what caused heart problems. Now they are finding out that the same thing that causes high cholesterol is the same thing that causes Heart disease. Want to know what "that" is find out about high cholesterol and heart disease here.

What causes the heal pain? That is different for everyone. The thinking that there is one cause for all the heal pain humans experience is in my opinion one of the biggest downfalls of modern medicine.

Medicine thinks because they literally made up a label to define how they want to group a symptoms or group of symptoms, that there must be 1 cause for that label that they made up (nature didn't make up the box the symptom was put into by medicine).

One other big fallacy of medicine is convincing people you have to know what is the cause of the problem before you can heal it. This again is just not true.

The simple proof is that man lived for millions of years before medicine knew anything about what was happening in the body (most of which they still don't know). The body can heal itself with out knowing what is wrong.

So that is why the question of what is causing your heal pain is often irrelevant. Because rolling your foot over a ball often gets rid of it, no matter what the cause was.

For my article on the fallacy of Cause and Cure go here


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