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Natural Remedy for Gall Stones - The Natural Gall Stone Cure

Natural Gallstone Cure (below) – but first, a few words of caution

So here is a great little home remedy for Gallstones.

It is not the "nicest or prettiest" but very effective.

Gallstones are just a symptom, not the problem. You can use this to pass the gallstones out of the body, but if you don’t address the reason you got the gallstones in the first place, they will just come back. Yes you can just do the flush again BUT . . .

URGENT NOTICE: The gallstones are a sign of something else major being wrong. If you don’t deal with the underlying issues, you are not doing yourself much of a favor by getting rid of the gallstones. YES, it is better than surgery, but you need to address the bigger problems going on that caused the gallstones to be there in the first place. Not sure what the Cause of your lack of health is? Go here.

What you need to do to get rid of the cause of your gallstones is drink more water and add to your health. Not sure how to add to your health go here.

And go here for what to add

How much water should you drink go here.

The Natural Gallstone Cure

8 oz of apple juice night and morning only. Malic acid will help soften the gall stones and prevent them from getting stuck. Do this for 30-90 days.


- 1 can (not bottle, glass, etc) Coca Cola Classic (not new taste, not diet, not anything else.)
- 1 lemon (not imitation juice, not anything else)
- 6 oz of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (again, No substitutions, no this is close, no virgin olive oil, must be extra virgin olive oil)
- 10 oz of Citrate of Magnesia – (kruse’s fluid magnesia in Australia) (again, no milk of magnesia, no substitutions, must be citrate of magnesia) – you can get at places like Walgreen’s near the other laxatives and it usually comes in a glass bottle on the top or bottom shelf, and may come in cherry flavor, lime or original. As long as it is citrate of magnesia.

You will need one day when you can hang around at home in the bathroom to do this.

Put 5 oz of the coke in a glass with 6 oz of Olive oil and take half the lemon and squeeze it into the glass. Drink this nasty mess, and you can suck on the other half of the lemon after you are done, (like a shot of tequila) the lemon helps get rid of the gross taste of this concoction. Then go to sleep (wait for 8 hours) and in the morning drink 10 oz of Citrate of Magnesia. Then be very near a bathroom for another 8 hours at least." I.E. I wouldn't be at work, or go out shopping. You will have diarrhea really bad for at least a few hours, up to 8 hours or more.

The citrate of magnesia is a laxative and you will have lots of diarrhea. You will pass little green pea type things which are the gall stones.

Remember, you must get rid of the cause of your gallstones otherwise you will just be treating the symptoms.

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After You Cure Them?

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