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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

how the Vitamin D produced by sunshine exposure cures

Sunshine Heals us Not Kills us

Just one more of the many benefits of the sun.

As I have said for a long time. The sun does not cause skin cancer. all the toxins and crap we put on the skin now days, along with all the other cancer causing agents we put in the body, are what cause skin cancer.

So what else is the sun good for?

Dr. John Cannell's latest Vitamin D Newsletter describes experiments demonstrating how irradiating blood with ultraviolet light creates pharmacological amounts of vitamin D, which can work as a safe, natural antibiotic.

The experiments were based on Dr. Niels Finsen's Nobel Prize winning work on sunshine as a cure for tuberculosis of the skin more than a century ago.

Photoluminescense Therapy

Vitamin D can increase your body's production of naturally occurring antimicrobial peptides, which destroy the cell walls of viruses and bacteria. Blood irradiation, also known as "photoluminescense therapy," can cause the blood to produce vitamin D. Many substances, including milk, develop vitamin D activity when irradiated.

Commonly Used 50 Years Ago

In the procedure, about 300 cc of the blood is removed, irradiated with ultraviolet light, and then returned to their body. This technique was used in hospitals around the country in the 1930s, '40s and early '50s. The procedure rapidly cured both rickets and tetany, both commonly caused by vitamin D deficiencies.

Cures Life-Threatening Infections

Studies have shown a variety of beneficial results; in one case series, doctors used the procedure to treat more than 400 patients with life-threatening infections, and cured nearly all of the patients with moderately advanced infections, and had a 45 percent success rate on patients with highly advanced infections. These results rival those of other standard procedures.

The Vitamin D Newsletter June/July 2006


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