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My experiences and highlights from my Trip to Egypt

Egypt travel tour and vacation holiday in style

I arrived in Cairo - a city of 17 million people, many of which are extremely poor. And one of the first things I noticed was . . .

They drive like people from Chicago, but even more crazy. Like 10 times more crazy.

First, headlights and tail lights at night, just suggestions.

The lines separating the lanes of traffic to drive in, again just suggestions. Many drivers are constantly driving in 2 lanes, until someone comes up behind them, honks their horn, and flashes their lights. This is the universal signal in Cairo that I am passing you better move over.

Have you ever played the old Atari game called Frogger? Well, that is how pedestrians and traffic are here in Cairo. There will be 4-8 lanes of traffic, and you will just see pedestrians crossing wherever, and traffic going around them as if there is a pothole in the road. I kid you not. Exactly the same except in real life.

Safety??? I saw a family of 4 on a moped.

The 3 year old kid or so was sitting on the front handle bars, the father driving, the mother side saddle on back holding the less than 1 year old child. Driving through the traffic just described above.

I saw 2 of the great pyramids of Giza last night. They are within a stones through of the hotel I am at and you can see them from the pool, hanging out in the sun.

Today is the day that starts my big trip of Egypt.

It just amazes me I did not see any accidents in the hour drive from the airport.

Well, apparently there are no seat belt laws either.

Because public busses and taxis often have people hanging out the door, when the bus or taxi is too full for them to fit inside. Literally, they are hanging outside the door. It is amazing. I want to do it just because we cannot do it in the states.

You can also be driving down an 8 lane road - and pass many carts being pulled by donkey's and horses, along with the cars.

We saw a goat herder of some kind, with like 20 goats, cross the 8 lanes of traffic with his herd, and it didn't even seem to affect traffic. It was amazing.

And still, with all the crazy bumper to bumper traffic, I have not seen any accidents yet.

Today, I saw the first pyramid that was known to be built in Egypt, or the world for that matter.

And I also saw the pyramid that had the first carvings and drawings on the inside as well.

In all, 109 pyramids were known to be built. The 3 most famous ones, the great pyramid of Giza included, are literally outside the hotel we are staying at.

Contrary to popular belief, the pyramids were actually built by workers. Not slaves. They workers were exempt from taxes when they were working for the government building the pyramids. That is why so many people did the work.

As if government jobs are not cushy enough, imagine having to pay no taxes on the money you make when you work for the government.

Ok, so maybe these jobs were not so cushy. It was hard labor.

We then went to a place to see how the locals weave hand made carpets. That was amazing. It takes about 1 months of labor from one person to make one average size carpet/area rug. No wonder why they are so expensive compared to manufactured rugs.

Day 2

I saw the great and most famous pyramids of Egypt. The 3 great pyramids of Egypt. Along with the sphinx.

It was pretty awesome. We were able to go right up to the base of the sphinx, right at the base of the sphinx's claws.

We did this on December 5th, just before sunrise, with a full moon overhead. Then, after learning about the sphinx and many of the theories behind it, we saw the sunrise come up and light up the sphinx. It is amazing to think that for over 4500 years, the sphinx has seen this every day of her life.

Then, our group went into the great pyramid into the kings chamber. And we were in there for hours, alone, without any other tourists. This again was amazing. I actually stayed behind, and did Yoga in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid, by myself, one with God under a full moon outside. That was kind of humbling.

There were many steps and corridors you had to go down and up and through to get into the kings chamber. So since there were people not as athletic or fit, I was able to stay behind, and then almost run through the maze back to the entrance and still get out about the same time as everyone else.

We also went to a traditional papyrus factory.

Papyrus was the first paper of it's kind anywhere in the world that has been recorded. So when the Romans and others found it through out history, they always wanted it for themselves only and actually tried to make it that way.

Day 3

Today we got up way to early to mention, and flew to Aswan - South of Cairo Egypt.

Here we boarded The Sonesta Sun Goddess cruise ship. This was our floating hotel for the day. The first part of the day was spent by me on the Sun Deck worshiping the Son God Amman Ra (I was sun tanning) as I caught up on my sleep from getting up early for the flight.

Then we went on a felucca ride (traditional Egyptian Sail Boat) to the local markets of Aswan. This is where the local people go to shop for food, spices, clothes, etc. It was amazing. Seeing how local people in Egypt shopped thousands of years ago with much of the same items.

By the way, the local people are called Nubians. We were told why, but I do not remember why right now.

Then we went to a light and sound show at the temple of Ices. Ices is the Goddess of Life or Goddess of Creation - depending on who translates. The Egyptians erected a gorgeous temple in her honor to worship her. And the local government put the history of Ices and her temple into a light and sound show that was breathtaking and educational. It was very powerful to see.

And as if that wasn't enough for one day, we then were able to see a traditional Nubian (what the locals are called) Dance and celebration. They had traditional instruments, dress, and music. Really quite interesting to see how the Nubians of old partied.

Day 4

Most of the group went to Abu Simble This morning.

I did not go. My inner knowing told me to stay on the boat. So I did.

Instead, I went to the markets again and spent about 3 hours there. And instead of it being a shopping experience, I made it a cultural experience. See, Egypt is a very bartering culture. And I hate to barter or negotiate. I like to be straight forward and up front. Here is my best price, a fair price and that is that.

So what I did is make a game of it. Immersed myself in the culture and had fun with it.

We then had trivia with tea. Where our tour leader asked us trivia questions about Egypt and at the end, the group with the most correct answers won. Our team took 2nd, but only because the team that won had a member of the group who had been to Egypt like 8 times and read more books than you could probably count on Egypt.

I also got a massage on the boat. Now, I have had a lot of massages. And I have to say, this was one of the 5 best massages I have ever had. And the woman was like 4 ft 8 inches tall and very petite.

The reason I liked it so much is because I have been told by anyone who has received a massage by me that it was one of the best massages they have ever had.

See, it is about more than the muscles. It is about healing, energy, movement, sensuality (which is different than sexuality) and relaxation. I do a great job combining all of these for an out of your mind experience. Literally.

Well Rasha did the same thing. And for the first time I felt, this is what it is like when I give massages to others. It was amazing.

In the evening we went to the only temple built for two gods in Egypt. The two gods of light and darkness, good and evil. The name of the temple was the temple of Kom Ombo. All the other temples in Egypt were built for 1 God. This was the exception.

It was literally two temples built side to side and connected to each other. The God of Darkness was represented by an alligator. And there was a place they used to keep the alligator at the temple. But not just any alligator. They had to find the right teeth, the right tail, the right head, etc. So there were periods of time when there was no representational alligator because none was to be found.

In ancient Egypt they had what were called High Priests. And each temple had a high priest. And right outside these temples is where the people would come to worship and give thanks to their God(s). The common people were rarely allowed inside the temples. This could be kind of like not being allowed in the church you belong to, or the mosque you worship at. But that is how they did it back then.

Well, to be a high priest required you to go through a type of initiation, or what literally translated means activation.

As part of the activation for the high priest of this temple, the initiate had to swim through about 20 meters or 60 feet of water, through a tunnel, that had the alligator representing the God of Darkness for this temple. And if the alligator killed the priest, he was not chosen by the Gods. If the alligator left the initiate alone and the initiate made it, that was considered passing this part of the test.

Day 5

Today was kind of a free day until the evening on the cruise boat as we sailed up the Nile river.

During the day for 5 hours I laid out in the sun worshiping the sun God Amman Ra again (sunbathed). But today was much different than any other day.

I spent 5 hours doing the very thing I love the most, and for myself.

I love growing and learning and helping people evolve. And I am really good at it. Well, I found someone who can do what I do, for me. So for the first time that I can remember, I got to spend 5 hours working on me. I had some major insights for myself, some of which in hindsight, seem like such common sense. Some that you might say, I knew that. And yet they were huge for me.

Then we got to go to the temple of Horus, at night.

Our tour guide who has been a guide for 30 years has only been here 3 times at night.

Legend and mysticism has it that if you enter the temple alone at night, The God of Horus will get you. Meaning that the temple is not to be entered alone at night. There are many stories of people who didn't believe this and went into the temple at night. Many of these stories within the last 10-20 years. And the person would come running out screaming and drop dead of some sort of heart attack, or aneurism, or something, right outside the temple walls.

So as a group, we went into the temple at night and saw the history of the God of Horus. He is the protector of Humanity, which makes the story of going into the temple at night all the much more ironic.

The Egyptians, as well as the christens, believe the body is a temple of the lord. So the Egyptians built all their temples like a human body laying down on the ground. So the temple was also a temple for their Gods or lord.

I learned some Arabic words I probably shouldn't have learned. In Arabic they conjugate the noun like the Spanish conjugate the verb. They don't have pronouns like he, she, us, we, they, etc. They have different forms of the noun that include those pronouns.

Day 6

Sunrise on the deck of the cruise up the Nile anyone?

I saw the sunrise again from the deck of the cruise ship on the Nile River. It was a little cold and windy, but still beautiful.

I am going to be getting up each morning and for around 30 minutes and being connect with God, Mediating, praying to God, or whatever you want to call it.

It feels so nice to start my day in gratitude like that. Instead of just getting up and getting ready, and going to work and doing my day. (notice how I didn't say being during this last description of my day).

It feels like this time I have been taking in the mornings allows me to more easily be than do.

Today we arrived in Luxor. This is actually the birth place of out tour guide and where he still lives.

We had the afternoon free again. I went out and wandered around the town and shops for a bit. I also checked my emails. : ) both ancient culture and emails.

In the evening we went to the temple of luxor at night. Again, how amazing. The temple of luxor was built slightly different than all the other temples as well. Remember in one of the earlier days I talked about how all temples where built representing the human body laying down on the ground. This meant that the entrance, or the feet part of the temples, where all symmetrical.

Well this temple was the first temple that was not symmetrical.

When the Egyptians drew their stories on the walls, you always see one foot in front of the other. The reason for this is that represented resurrection to them. So Ramsis the 2nd, or Ramsis the Great, who built the temple of luxor, (or at least finished it) build the entrance to represent one foot in front of the other. This means that the entrance is not symmetrical.

One side of the temple is slightly higher than the other side, which is one foot in front of the other.

Day 7

Today we visited the valley of the kings and the tomb and temple of Ramsis the 2nd.

Today, we also got to do something that no other tourist ever has gotten to do.

We went to the tomb of Seti 1st. This is the largest, most wealthy tomb ever discovered in Egypt. You might be asking why you have not heard of it? Because it is closed to the tourists due to how in tact it is. The tomb is reserved for the scholars to study.

Why did we get to see it you might be asking? Because of my friends dad, George. He is a very warm hearted people person, not to mention born and raised in Egypt. So as the universe played out, he became really good friends with the right people in Egypt. And with a little bit of American cash, those connections allowed us into the tomb.

Inside was absolutely amazing. The colors that were about 3,500 years old were still bright and vivid. Like if you have ever seen a picture or cheap imitation of hieroglyphics, the colors you see on them are not to make it look nice. The colors you see on them are the actual colors that are still found on the temples and walls today. In some of them you can see these bright, vivid, multi colored walls still.

Then what did we do? Of course, we shut off the lights to lessen the sensory input and did a mediation. How fun was that. Being in a burial tomb of a king, in complete darkness, doing a group meditation.

In the morning we went to the tomb and the temple of Ramsis the 2nd. Now Ramsis the great (as he is also known) holds a spot in history because his workers were the first workers to ever go on strike (at least in recorded known history).

For fear of the kings wrath and killing them, they took refuge on the temple grounds. And we got to go again where other tourists were not, and see the homes of all these workers that went on strike. We got to feel them, as our tour guide always says. Feel the place. With an Egyptian accent of course.

Ramsis the 2nd also has the most in tact hieroglyphics because he made the carvings in the walls really deep.

Ramsis used to steel other kings statues and temples and scratch the old names off them and put his name on them. So to prevent other future kings from doing what he did, he made the carvings in the walls extra deep so no one could do this to him.

The tomb of Seti and Ramsis that we saw were in what is called the valley of the kings. This is where (after the pyramid phase) many of the future kings were buried. Rather than build pyramids to keep the atmosphere perfect for keeping the mummies, they started building tombs into the mountain side to get the same controlled conditions.

The Egyptians believed that they could only enjoy the afterlife for as long as their body or mummy was still in tact. That if their body was gone, they could no longer enjoy the afterlife.

Then in the evening was one of the best parts.

Our tour guide actually was born and grew up in the city we are based out of for the last few days, Luxor. So he took us on a walking tour of the city. And this was a walking tour through the streets and back allies that probably tourists have never been down.

We also got to go into a common house of how many Egyptians live. It was amazing. They live in little communities within communities. You go in a little door into a courtyard. Then off the courtyard are a group of houses. Most of the people in each of the communities are usually a group of one family and all the relatives.

Then these groups of homes form a larger community, and this is like family to the locals. They don't move. There was a lady that was like 80 years old, who lived in one of these little homes still. Despite the fact that her kids were rich and she could live anywhere. She is happy in this home and wanted to stay to "die in her bed" because that was her family. The community was her home.

Day 8

We got up again early this morning. We went to two places. Dendara Temple and Abydos Temple.

The Abydos temple is estimated by Geologists to be over 18,000 years old. Because it was covered up by what geologists would say is 18.000 years of soil from the flooding of the Nile river.

Now, a lot of Egyptologists say (as well as text books) that Egypt is less than 7,000 years old. And a lot of people with a lot of knowledge say the structures and pyramids and some other places in Egypt are 25,000 years old.

Like for example, the Egyptians were actually the first culture to map out the Zodiac. The greeks did it better, but the Egyptians did it first. And when you look at how they mapped the zodiac, and you know anything about astrology, they way the constellations appeared in the sky as they did on the map would be well over 10,000 years ago. Vs. some of the traditional ways of thinking just say the Egyptians goofed up the locations.

Now, I say if they were smart enough to build structures that lasted at least 7,000 years, would they really be stupid enough to "goof up" the zodiac signs location?? I don't think so.

They also recently uncovered an ancient temple. And Geologists, not Egyptologists, not archeologists, not right wing authors, but geologists, estimate that the place must be at least 20,000 years old. Because it was covered with dirt and mud that they estimate would take at least 20,000 years to produce the layers that were over this place.

And the amazing part is it actually contained a picture of the flower of life carved into the granite columns. Hmmm, is Egypt really only 4500 years old? Or older???

The temple of Abydos was most recently constructed for Seti. He is the same King that has the largest and most elaborate tomb in the valley of the kings I wrote about earlier. Ramsis the great then again, scratched the names of Seti out of the tomb and put his name over it. Ramsis is funny I think.

The temple of Dendara was constructed in worship of the Hather, the God of Joy and love. This God was a feminine God. When she was in a good mood, she was having fun and dancing and joyful. When she was not in this mood, she was in what our guide called a "powerful" mood. (LOL=Laugh out Loud)

And I thought, wow, even the female Gods had this personality trait. I guess I might just have to accept it in women.

The temple of Abydos also has 2 really interesting groups of hieroglyphics:

One appears to be a prophecy of future war machines to come. There is clearly a helicopter, f-16 fighter plane, Air craft carrier, and battle ship all together in one place, next to what many say is an ancient word for prophecy. Now, if you wanted to go with odds, what are the odds that a set of hieroglyphics would appear together and each one of these hieroglyphics does not appear anywhere else in all of the found hieroglyphics in Egypt so far? I personally don't think it is a coincidence they look exactly like our modern war machines.

The other is the scene of Osiris. He was the God that was 'sacrificed' if you will like the Christians Modern Day Jesus. The legend goes he was cut up into 17 pieces and thrown into the Nile river. Then anywhere his pieces landed later the Egyptians built a temple in honor or him. Legend has it that all of his pieces were found except his male organs. This was done by another God, the God of Darkness or Set.

So in the temple of Abydos, there is a scene of his wife putting him back together with the Goddess Ices - the Goddess of Creation. The picture depicts them putting Osiris back together with their thoughts or prayers.

The scene next to this depicts the first immaculate conception in recorded history. Osiris's wife turned herself into an eagle and hovered above where Osiris's penis would have been, and conceived a child - immaculately. Whether it is true or not, no one will probably ever know. But it is interesting none the less.

At the temple of Dendara we actually got to go down into a crypt. And in there were scenes and hieroglyphics not depicted anywhere else in Egypt.

It was a picture of a lizard type person showing Egyptians and more specifically the Egyptian king - how to harness djed pilliars. These are basically ancient pre-historic electricity machines that harnessed energy from the earth.

There us a book by Hancock called - fingerprints of the Gods - this book references the djed pilliars highly.

The theory is that the djed pilliars do not work by themselves, that someone must have come to a place of consciousness with a balance of their heart and mind in order to use them.

Maat - Goddes who stands with her wings out and the feather on top. Is the universal balance between universe and us. Balance between heart and mind, and when you do there is harmony and balance around. It is believed that she is the "person" who has reached the level of consciousness needed to use these djed pilliars. And it is through the use of sound and intention that these machines work.

Day 9

Temple of Karnac - the largest temple in all of Egypt, and probably the world. The temple covers 186 acres of land.

Imagine a church or mosque that covered 186 acres. Tremendous. For those of you who don't know how much an acre is, it is about 1km by 1 km or ½ mile by ½ mile square. Don't quote me exactly on the square kilometers or miles, but you can quote me on the 186 acres.

The temple of Karnac was built for 3 gods. Or a triad of Gods, very similar to the Father, Son and Holy spirit of Christianity.

The three gods were - Amman- The sun God - his wife, or the mother of Creation Mut - and another I cannot remember the name of right now but represents the Son Like Jesus.

It is interesting to me to note that amman (very similar to the amen of Christianity and muslims) actually means that which cannot be seen or the non-visible. Different than the invisible.

The temple actually had 2 standing Obilesques - Everyone has seen these before. They are the tall skinny square projections that stand really tall and have a pyramid like top to them. There is a replica of an obilesque in Washtington DC that everyone in America has seen in some picture or another. It is in the movie Forest Gump at the end of the long pool. The one in Washington DC is white.

Well, if you go to any church or mosque, what do you have that rings out? A bell of some sort. It is theorized that these obilesque's are like the Egyptian bells. Because when you put your ear right next to the obilesque, and someone hits it, you hear this ringing like a bell. You can even hear it from a short distance. People have thought that if you hit it in the right place, it will ring out, but no such place has been found.

My theory is that it is not hitting it that makes it ring out. But a special "tuning fork" that is used to make it ring out. Like if you strike the C cord on a piano, all the other C cords vibrate from the different octaves. Well, the probably had some sort of tuning fork type thing that was specially tuned to make the obilesque ring out like a church bell ringing.

We were able to do a private mediation in one of the temples in Karnac again. This time it was the temple for ptaah and his wife, Septi (not sure about the spelling) Septi is the warrior goddess as translated by many Egyptologists. But those who understand spirituality actually translate her name as the Goddess of the Warrior within. And she helps you master the warrior within that we all have.

Many people who know some things about ancient Egypt have seen a scarab or beetle at some point. Why are scarabs so common in ancient Egypt?

Because they actually represented 3 things. They represented the rising sun, the resurrection and existence.

First, the rising sun. The Scarab is actually like a dung beetle. And it burrows a hole in the manure and lays an egg. Then, as the sun comes up and moves across the sky, the scarab actually rolls the egg through this tunnel following the sun.

Resurrection because the scarab actually needs some sort of chemical, or thing found in decaying bodies to hatch it's eggs. And out of the dead body comes the life of the scarab which represented the resurrection to the ancient Egyptians.

Existence because the scarab is actually a hermaphrodite and has both the male and female organs. And is able to go through existence with itself only, which is like eternal life.

On a completely different note.

It is interesting to note there was a major earthquake in Egypt in 27 B.C. And yet, all of the temples, columns, etc are still standing. Why?

The Egyptians actually built a foundation under ever column that is earthquake proof if you will.

They built a layer of sand, then mud bricks, then sand, then mud bricks, alternating like this, then they put the column on top of this. Whether they did it on purpose or not, this foundation absorbed the shock of an earthquake leaving the columns in place.

Mud bricks are mud and straw, left out in the sun to dry. Formed in the shape of bricks.

The rest of the day I am spending in the sun by the pool overlooking the Nile River. I have actually written a lot of this pool side right now. Until we fly to Sharmel Sheik today at 6:30.

Day 10

Today was a "free day". There were no formal plans. We checked into the hotel last night, got settled in, had supper and went out on the town. Namma Bay is the "town". I loved it.

I have not been dancing in a night club that plays music like I enjoy in a long time. We went to Buddha Bar to dance. The music was awesome, just like the Buddha bar CD's, both dinner and party that I own.

I danced for about 3 hours almost straight. I love dancing to good music.

We stayed out late and I slept in till 9:30. I had to get up to go eat breakfast because they quit serving at 10 am.

The whole rest of the day was spent in the sun on the beach of the Red Sea. Or in the water, or in the pools, or some variation of that. Until 11pm at night when we left for Mt. Sinai - or the mountain of Moses where God gave Moses the 10 commandments. - more on this later.

First in the morning, we had a volleyball match. The Beautiful Babes one the first game, we won the second game.

Then we went down the slides. That was fun. They have water slides going into the pool. The average age was probably like 30-35 in the group going down the slides, but you couldn't really tell if we were 12 years old or not.

Then, down to the beach on the Red Sea. They have a jetty at the resort that goes out so the edge of it is in about 20ft of water. So what did we do? Flippies off the dock. For those of you who do not know the scene in 50 first dates I am quoting, we did summersaults, and dove off the dock. It was about 10-15 feet above the water level.

For the grand finale, I put another guy on my shoulders, standing on the edge, and we dove in with him on my shoulders. It was a blast.

I then laid out in the sun for a few hours. Again, it was the perfect temperature. About 25 C or 78-ish F. There was a cool breeze off the Red Sea, and beautifully sunny.

I rented some snorkeling equipment and went snorkeling as well. Right off the jetty there is like a 20 foot wall of Coral that goes along the entire shoreline of the resort. And the fish are beautiful. Just as spectacular as in Australia, except you don't really have to worry about so many dangerous animals that can harm you.

The evening was spent going to Mt. Sinai.

We left the hotel at 11 pm, for a 3 hour bus ride, and most of us slept.

Then at 2 am in the morning, we got off the bus, and proceeded to hike up 2500 Meters to an elevation of almost 3,000 meters from 500 meters.

Me and Ralf did the trip in under 2 hours. Which means we were up there for 2 hours before the sun came up.

So we rented a mattress and heavy blanket and slept for 2 hours. It was great.

We were actually the first ones up the mountain, so we got the best spots. Out of the wind, and no one in front of us to get in the way of the sunrise.

Now, before I fell asleep, I saw about 50 shooting stars. No kidding. And out on the top of Mt. Sinai, the stars are crystal clear. There are no lights within miles to obscure the view. It was breathtaking.

I was counting in the beginning, and on an average of 15-30 seconds, a shooting star streaked across the sky. So I am not joking about the 50 shooting stars. I made lots of wishes and I was told (by Ralf) that they were all going to come true.

The sunrise was amazing. The sky was lit up from left to right as far as the eye could see. We were above all the other mountain peaks in the area, so we could see the fog in the valleys, the landside spotted with the mountain tops. Beautiful reds, oranges, purples, blues, wow.

The temperature was about 1 C or about 35 F, so it was cold. Ok, it wasn't maybe that cold, maybe like 8 C, but it was still cold. Good thing we got a spot out of the wind for 2 hours to sleep.

Then I walked down 3700 steps and lots of trails to get to the bottom. I should say I more like Jogged. It took me about 30 minutes, and again, I laid at the bottom in the sun this time, and slept for another 30 minutes waiting for the others to come.

Day 11

Day 10 and 11 kind of blend together as Day 10 into day 11 was the hike just described. And on the morning of Day 11, which is the walk down Mt. Sinai, we went on a tour of St. Catherine's. This is an old church that is still in use to this day. Plus, it holds the famous Burning bush which is at least 2,000 years old.

The burning bush is famous because there is not a single other plan on the planet like it that has been found. This is the one and only Bush of it's kind. And it is really old.

We also saw the well were Moses met his wife as it talks about in the Bible.

We then got on the bus and made the 3 hour trip back to the hotel.

The rest of the day was free for us again. So I spent about an hour at the beach on the red sea. I then had some supper, and a bunch of us went into town again.

In town I actually smoked 'hasheesh'. Not sure if it is spelled right. But it is a type of tobacco (not at all related to pot). They had flavored types of tobacco and you would sit around on pillows basically, smoking it through a water pipe that is about 3 ft or 1 m tall. It is quite the experience. The tobacco was very smooth. No chemicals, additives or any garbage in it like most American tobacco. It actually smelled and tasted good.

I did it because I wanted to. And let me tell you. If the American tobacco companies would make tobacco that smelled like this, all the non-smokers in America wouldn't care as much. Because this tobacco actually smells good. It is amazing.

I cannot believe they have not thought of making tobacco that smelled good yet.

Then I danced for about 3 hours with 2 beautiful women. That is always fun. And they danced in the way that I like to dance. Which made it even better.

Day 12

Today started out with an early flight back to Chiro Egypt.

On the flight I realized I lost my papyrus. I was like OHHHH. I love that picture. So I meditated for a short while if I was to buy another one or not. What I got was that I was making the picture itself out to be so great. And if I used the picture as a reminder for what it stood for, that I was supposed to get another one. So I did.

In the morning we went to some awesome historical churches. We went to the church were it is suspected the body of Moses was found. Nobody knows for sure, but a lot of people believe it was this church.

We also went to the church where the Mother of Jesus, Mary, and Jesus hid out for 3 months when they fled Israel. It is so neat seeing the actual place of a lot of these stories you read about in a one of the most famous books in history.

We also saw a cemetery that covers over 5000 acres of land. The funny part about this cemetery is there are people living there because of war in 60's where Israel took over part of Egypt and people fled. Millions of people fled and with a shortage of places to live, they started living in make shift houses in the cemetery. And to this day, they still live there.

The evening we did a private and personal tour of the Museum in Cairo.

That was awesome because there were no other people in the museum but us and the guards. And it was great doing the museum at the end of the trip, because all the stuff we saw we knew exactly where it was found, because we had been there already. It was cool. There were no pictures allowed in the museum. So none will be posted of what I saw. (But here are some ideas of what are in it)

Later that night we went for our farewell dinner. Back to the hotel, and the final picture of me in Egypt. Then off to the airport at 1 am for what ended up being a 36 hour ordeal back to my home.

The plane out of Germany to the US was late, so I missed my connection in Boston to Denver. So I called up United (and note, this was Dec 17th I was calling) and they said the soonest they could get me home was Dec 22nd.

I just laughed because I thought the guy was joking. He wasn't. So I had to go through quite a little ordeal to get home before the 22nd. But I did it, and only one of my checked bags didn't make it on time. I was amazed.

This trip is already planned for Dec 3rd - 17th, 2008.
The price is going up at the end of summer.

So If you are interested you can go to to reserve your spot today.


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