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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

Fred Pryor

I am in Kansas City this week training to be a presenter for Fred Pryor.
He is one of the largest and best training companies in the US.

My sister is home, her and the baby are healthy.

Everything is going well. I guess there is not a whole lot to report.

Fred Pyror does have a dynamic learning program.
It helps you read quicker and understand more as you are reading quicker.
It helps you remember more, as it trains your brain how to store information.

This is a story about me when I first learned to Speed Read – now, first I want to clarify, this is the normal run of the mill speed reading that everyone talks about.

I was in my first semester of chiropractic college. I was taking 30+ hours of credits per semester, 3 times a year. For those of you who don’t know, the first 1.5 years of chiropractic college is the exact same classes as a med student. So they are not exactly the easiest classes in the world.

Well, having grown up on welfare and food stamps for a better part of my list, my parents were not made of money. So I had to work to help put myself through college.

I was working almost 40 hours a week.

The average college student takes 12-15 credits per semester, twice a year. I was taking 30+, because to take 30 credits in one semester was a lot cheaper than taking 15 credits spread out over 2 semesters.

So with all of this, I needed to keep up on reading and studying, but was having difficulty. So what did I do?

Someone said I should take a speed reading class. In fact, they bought it for me as a gift. So I took the speed reading class. This was your run of the mill, average, speed reading class. Even though it was just an average class, it allowed me to read faster and still comprehend the same amount of what I was reading. It was great.

This saved me almost $4,000 a semester all the way through chiropractic college. Or almost $50,000 dollars because I was able to take more classes per semester and still keep up my grades.

It also had a direct affect on the quality of service I could offer as well. Because when I graduated chiropractic college, I now had all this free time. So what did I do? I kept reading. Books, trade journals, technique manuals, etc, etc. I became a book-a-holic and a seminar junkie.

With my ability to read at double to triple the rate of the average reader, I could get so much more out of the books I read and the seminars I went to.

I could then apply what I learned with my patients in practice. Not only did it produce better results for the patients, but it produced greater rapport with the patients. Which meant more referrals.

Who here is in business? How valuable are referrals to your business. Or if you don’t get referrals that often, how valuable would they be?

Does anyone know the single biggest cause of failure?
Lack of Knowledge. Not knowing how or what to do. That is why most people fail.

Ask yourself, the failures in your life, how many of them could have been avoided if you just had more information? – often the very information you got after it was too late?

Then, I came across the Evelyn Wood Dynamic Reading Program. At first I was like, I already know how to speed read, what is this going to do for me?

Well, let me tell you. Dynamic reading is completely different than speed reading. Or so I learned. Dynamic Reading helps train your whole memory system, not just have you read quicker or comprehend more.

Have you ever forgotten some ones name? or forgotten an important date or appointment? The better question might be, all the times you have forgotten stuff, what has that cost you? Both in time and money? If you could remember better, how much time would you save, not having to backtrack and do things again? How much money would you save? Not forgetting details that lose you sales, or making mistakes that cost you extra money?

That is what Dynamic reading does. Yes, it will help you double your reading speed and keeping your comprehension the same, and they guarantee it. But you will also improve your memory and understanding in all areas of your life. Not just reading. Because of how it trains your brain to think better.

Evelyn Wood took speed reading 1 step further, and turned it into dynamic learning, which means you will remember more and understand it better.

Evelyn Wood has some pretty interesting statistics behind her. According to sources like the wall street journal, She personally taught more than 2 million people world wide how to dynamically read. Companies like Citigroup, capital one, visa, smith barney, and more have taught the Evelyn wood dynamic reading course to their employees.

So if these companies think it is worth their time and money to train their employees in this technology, do you think it might be worth your time?

How many of you read more than 20 emails a day?
If so, doing this course will literally cut the time in half each day you spend reading emails. Just that in and of itself, what is that worth?
3 minutes average per email, that means you are wasting 30 minutes every day, just in your slow reading ability. How many of you could use an extra 30 minutes every day to get more done?

The program comes in many different forms. The one thing that most people forget, but everyone knows.
Everyone is different.

Evelyn Wood knows this.
So she created 3 different versions.

  1. The Busy Individual Version
  2. The Computer Geek Version
  3. The Full on Version

What types of people generally get what program?

There is a quick start version that is perfect for Lunch and Learns in an office environment, with family, or for people who want to see it and do it quickly.

Are you a computer geek like me? They have a version so you can do it on your computer.

Or do you want to make sure that you got every last piece of it? The cd versions which are far more complete and have far more drills and practice. These are Great if you want to take it over an extended time and practice and then move on to the next skill. Lots of home-school participants choose this version as well.

But you also read magazines, fiction, non-fiction, websites, newspapers, etc. etc. The average person spends about two hours per day reading at the rate of about 200 words per minute. If you can double your reading speed, you can cut your reading time in half. What takes two hours can now be done in one hour. An extra hour a day for you. Seven hours per week and 365 hours for you over the next year. That’s the equivalent of nine additional workweeks over the next year to spend time with your family or hobbies or work on those important tasks that are being neglected. What would you do with 9 extra work weeks of free time? Over 2 months of free time to do whatever you want?

Do you see why you need this program?

And many people quadruple their reading speed.
Imagine literally having 18 work weeks of extra time to do whatever you want.

What would you do with 4 and a half months of extra time to get things done? Vacation? Spend more time with your family, kids? Doing your hobbies, doing those things you said you were always going to do?

Do you see what students need this program?

If you are not a student, imagine what you would have given to cut your homework time in half, so you could play more – as a kid. Hang out with your friends more in high school. Party more in college. Or spend more time playing sports, or doing whatever you wanted to do. Instead of wasting time reading.

What students do you know could benefit from doubling their reading speed?

You can order the program here if you want:

If you enter 1982 in the CAC or Customer Appreciation Code, you will actually get a discount on the program.

Until Next time

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