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Meditate for Plans
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Do Your Goals Step
Do Your Goals Step
Do Your Goals Step
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Take Action
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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

Do Your Goals Step

I am helping you create your goals. Because simply creating them exponentially increases your chances of achieving them. Even if you do nothing else.

The Basic Outline.

  1. Write down what you want (we did this)
  2. Put time frames on all your goals (we did this)
  3. Reword any wants necessary so they are all stated in the positive – Stated as if Now
  4. Make sure you have at least 1 lifetime goal, a few 10 year goals, and some 1 year goals.
  5. Go back and ask yourself, “Why?” – why do you want the things you listed.
  6. Create action steps for each goal
  7. Wherever there is resistance or struggle in moving towards the goal, there are belief systems or unconscious blocks to allowing the goals to manifest in your life – remove them or change them

You wrote down everything you want.
You put time frames on your goals.
You made sure they were all worded in the positive now tense.
You created your 10 and 1 year goals
You found your true goals by asking yourself why.
Last week you created some action steps.

Removing Resistance

If you are like most, you will come up with resistance and hesitation to accomplishing your goals and action steps along the way.

This is another big reason why people give up. Something comes up that makes the process difficult, it isn’t easy any more.

So then what do you think most people do?

They give up. They stop taking action.

So this section is going to be about how to help you get over the things that make achieving your goals difficult, so it is easier to reach your goals.

Tip for Overwhelm:

If you ever look at an “action step” and feel overwhelmed – more than likely it is not broken down into small enough action steps for you yet.

what is the right level of action step?

Because for some of the action steps above, you could break those down into even smaller truer action steps.

The correct answer is, whatever gets you into action.

So a simple action step is if you look at an action step but if you feel resistance to taking action on that, then remind yourself, ok, break it down to smaller action steps.

And you will find at some point, you will start taking action when it is truly an action step for you.

Tip for Lack of Belief

Sometimes you won’t believe it is possible to achieve your goals.

This happened to me just the other day. Then instead of asking questions of why it couldn’t be done, I started asking someone who has done what I am trying to do “how to do it.”

I then formed the belief that I could do it as well.

Often we fall into the false trap of believing that because we don’t know how, or don’t see how it is possible, we cannot do it.

This is simply not true. It just means you don’t know how to do it.

In fact, the great the accomplishment, the less the person knew before they started. So if you really don’t know how to do something, great job. You know your accomplishment is going to be that much greater.

For example:
Christopher Columbus did something almost every person knew was impossible. Yet alone not knowing how to do it. The world was flat at that time, and you couldn’t sail around it, it was impossible. He believed differently.

Thomas Edison didn’t know how to build a light bulb, in fact he tried and failed over 1500 times before he got it right.

So if what you are wanting to do has been done before, you got it made. Because you can follow a road map to do it yourself. You don’t have to invent the entire how yourself. You can go find out how someone else did it.

Tip for Changing Beliefs

Is your lack of belief not simply a lack of knowledge how, but self esteem beliefs, self worth beliefs, belief of lack of abilities, beliefs of not smart enough, not good enough, not talented enough, etc etc.

Often we have beliefs limiting us, and we don’t even know they are beliefs.

We just think it is the way it is. It is not a belief. It is just who we are.

The reality is - it is NOT the way it is. It is the way it is, because of the belief. You change the belief, and you will change the results in your life.

What came first, the chicken or the egg? The belief or the outcome. Did you form the belief because you were getting X outcomes, or did you get X outcomes because you formed X belief?


Because if you change the belief, the behavior will change.

So how do you change your beliefs, so you can change your actions and outcomes naturally?

I think the easiest cheapest way to do this is my DVD I sell for $10 including shipping (in the US - $20 overseas including free shipping)

I have talked about this a lot.

Because if you watch it, you will love it, and you will learn from it, and most importantly, you can easily make the change you want permanent.

If you are reading this and you have not seen my beliefs DVD – get it now and watch it. If you are not happy with it, I will give you double your money back.

Tips on Fear

What is fear? Fear is a reaction to a thoughts about the future. Fear is not ever here in the present. Fear is created by your thoughts of what might happen in the future.

As you think about this, how many different fear scenarios cross your mind? One, two, three? More?

If you are thinking of multiple different scenarios, by default, how many of them can be true? And how often does the future turn out exactly like one of your fear scenarios?

Do your fear thoughts help or hinder you?

Obviously, they hinder you.

So how do you stop the almost automatic process of all these fear examples your brain is coming up with in the future?

It is a habit, the process of formulating fear about the future that will never happen is a habit.

most of were taught when we were little that you have to think about the future. But we were never told how to think of the future.

Now with the power of the secret, and positive thinking, and all the latest stuff, we are learning to think positive. What are the good things that could happen in the future. What are the positive things that could come of this.

Fear is breaking the habit of making up negative stories about the future and what might happen.

Forming the new habit of thinking positive thoughts about potential future outcomes.

See below on how to change a habit

Tips on Guilt

Guilt is like fear. But guilt is the stories you automatically make up in your mind about the past. And they are negative stories. We were never taught how to think about the past, how to interpret the past. We just started doing it.

Now, a lot of religions in the world do teach us how to make up stories about the past and what happened. They teach us to make up negative stories – because we are bad, we are sinners, we cannot do good, etc. This is what leads to the guilt.

Making up positive stories about the past, and you will not feel guilt about the past. You will feel joy and happiness.

Again, you need to retrain this habit you have formed of thinking negatively about the past and the outcomes that happened.

How to Easily Change a Habit

There are a few ways to change habits.

  1. Using your conscious mind and will power is one way
  2. Hypnosis can change habits
  3. NLP can change habits
  4. Repetition and reinforcement (for at least 21-30 days)
  5. Paraliminals
  6. Aversion Therapy

So what is the easiest way?


What is the quickest way – depends on the person, but with laws of averages, NLP, aversion therapy, and hypnosis are usually on top, but aversion therapy is usually the most difficult.

Best overall – My vote is for Paraliminals.

So what are Paraliminals?

They combine Hypnosis, Repetition and Reinforcement, and NLP, and are very passive.

You simply put in a CD, and listen to it while you sleep.

It is that easy.

The Paraliminal uses hypnosis to speak directly with your non-conscious mind, which is where the habit is stored. It uses NLP in the language and patterns that they CD is telling your non-conscious mind, and you listen to the CD repetitively which reinforces your choice and new habit.

You can find out about these Paraliminal CD’s here

They have everything from:

"Deep Relaxation Paraliminal CD"

To being your "Ideal Weight"

To Memory Supercharger

Check out their site I am sure they have CD for exactly what you are looking for. Plus they have a money back guarantee, as well as excellent customer service.


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