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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

Meditate for Plans

Your mind is full of judgements about what it thinks and the way it thinks things are.

The problem with most judgments, is that we don’t know they are judgments.

When we say someone is fat, or mean, or rude, or whatever, we know those are judements.

But what we don’t know is that much of what we think is just the “truth” is really a judgement we have. And it is these “hidden” judements which cause all our trouble. What we think is true, but just isn’t.

The problem is, you often cannot see what is an example of one of these in your life, because you just think they are true. You don’t even question it as a possible judgement, because it is the way it is, the truth.

Have you heard the story of the elephants yet?
When they are babies, they put a large chain and stake around the baby elephants foot. Very quickly the baby learns when there is something around it’s foot, it cannot go anywhere.

They then make the chain smaller and smaller as the elephant gets older.

Then, by the time the elephant is an adult, you can hold the elephant in place with a flimsy rope even a human could break, tied to almost nothing.

So much so, that there are 3 elephants which died in fire in a circus tent, tied with a rope to those flimsy temporary street barricades that weigh no more than 20 lbs, because they thought they could not break free.

Is what you think of as just the truth, the way it is, killing you?

The problem is, we often will never see it ourselves. Because we are so blindly believing in what we believe as the truth. When often, it is just our judgment.

So give up what you think you know, what you think is the truth, and let the plans for your and your life to come to you from your Holy Spirit.

Quiet your mind and let the ideas come.

And if you think about it, when do your best ideas come?
When you are in the shower, or ridign your bike, or meditation, or whatever you do that the goal is to not think.

So oddly enough, the process and idea of sitting down and thinking rarely comes up with your best ideas.

Your best ideas come when you are purposely not thinking.

And yet when we plan our future, we believe (maybe as a truth or the way it is) that we must sit down and think our plans, plan our plans with thinking. Instead of letting go and letting our best plans come to us.


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