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Dr. Jamie Fettig

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Favorite Seminars

My Favorite seminars and why

We as adults often stop learning. We think that we as adults know it all. Or that we know enough. We get caught in the trap that our thinking is sufficient. And if you have everything you want, your health, wealth, happiness, spirituality, peace of mind, energy, etc, then your thinking is sufficient. If not, you need new thinking.

Many people do have it all in most areas. I have yet to meet many people who have it all together in ALL areas of their life. So take a seminar or two, start doing and applying, and get all your areas of life exactly like you want.

Here is my list of some of my favorite seminars. The reasons why I like them are below the name of the course

The Advanced Course from Landmark Education
This is actually the 2 nd course in a series of 3 courses that landmark education offers. You have to take The Landmark Forum in order to take the advanced course – See below. The advanced course is like the landmark forum results times 10. It is almost unbelievable some of the changes that happen for people from this course.

For me one of the most profound moments of my life happened. It was during an exercise where there is no talking for like 90 minutes. All you are doing is being with people and being with others being with people and being with yourself.

I had a profound spiritual insight. What I “saw” if you will, was that we are all love. Humans are nothing more than love. And the expression of that love shows up like it does because for the love to come out it has to go through out beliefs, filters and biases that we have laid over the top.

A child is innocent and loving. Until it learns otherwise. It doesn’t question being loving, being accepting, a child just is. Then one thing happens, and from there it just keeps going.

I saw in every person the pure love that underlies all of their other stuff. I could see their filters and beliefs and how it distorted that love to what it was. Even hate and anger underneath were love, but just showing up differently because of the beliefs and things that people have accumulate through life.

The Landmark Forum
This is the first course that landmark education offers. All people who do anything with Landmark do this program first (unless you are under 18, then you do the young people’s version which is almost the same as this).

It is not a seminar that gives you tips and tricks of how to deal with life. Because life happens, and tips and tricks don’t work so well in the moment.

The landmark forum works in 3 ways.

  • They give you powerful distinctions, that when you hear them, you are like, wow, why didn’t I think of that. That is so true. You know for yourself how true they are. You don’t have to believe them or hear some scientific study. When they share the distinction, you know yourself how true it is.
    In hearing these powerful insights, your life alters.
  • They then ask you questions about your life that no one has probably ever asked you before. And when you answer these questions about your life to yourself, you have profound insights about why you do what you do. And in that realization, you are free to choose something different. Rather than just react like you did before.
  • After you do these two things you are left with a large space. And they then help you create what you want in that space. It is like art, if you want to create art, you have to start with a blank canvas, otherwise it probably won’t be so great. Well, they help you create this blank canvas, and then they help you create what you want in that space.

You can click on the link above and there is an online introduction to what the landmark forum is really all about, what you can expect if you do it, and how it works.

What I tell people all the time is:
If you are there the entire time
If you are open to honestly looking at your life and having something different
and if you want to give the course a chance to work by participating fully the entire weekend (no matter how stupid something may seem at the time)

This course will be one of the most powerful experiences of your life.

Millionaire Mind Intensive
Having trouble making and or keeping money? Always seem to be struggling to get ahead? It is because of our beliefs that we have about money and what it means that determine how much money you will have.

These beliefs (that we either formed or that we adopted from people around us growing up like our parents) form a “thermostat” in you that is set for an amount of money. And until you change this thermostat for money, you will always have the same amount of money, no matter what you do.

Just like a thermostat in your house, if you set it at 72, the house is going to be at 72 even if you open windows, leave doors open, etc. You have to change the thermostat to have a different temperature.

You have to change the money thermostat in your head to have a different amount of money in your life.

And this 3 day seminar changes your money-o-stat.

The BodyTalk System Seminars
This seminar is not one I would recommend everyone to take. It is a seminar that teaches people how to respect the innate wisdom of the body and help people heal naturally. Not just treat symptoms and disease.

So if you do not go to this seminar, then at least have someone use the BodyTalk System on you to help maintain and promote health and wellness for life.

Masterpiece Training Camp with Arno
This seminar is also not necessarily for everyone. Great for chiropractors, family of chiropractors, and people who are associated with good chiropractic offices.

This is a great seminar to really understand and start living the Vitalistic philosophy of life. Everywhere you turn we are taught that treating symptoms and disese is the answer. So medicine treats with drugs and surgery. Most chiropractors treat with adjustments. Nutritionists treat with nutrition, etc.

But the problem is in the treating. Not how the treating is applied.

You must maintain and be proactive about creating wellness, not just try and treat away the problem when it shows up. If all you do is treat symptoms and disease, whether naturally or with drugs, you are waiting for the problem and then trying to address it when it happens.

If you proactively live the Vitalistic lifestyle, you will be naturally well.

A Course in Miracles Seminars
There are all sorts of local groups that discuss and teach from the principles of the course in miracles book.

A Course in Miracles is one of my favorite books, if not my favorite book.

It has 3 parts to the book.

  • Daily lessons – you simply do one lesson a day. You read it and it takes about 5-15 minutes depending on the lesson. Then through out the day you apply the lesson in your life. You do not have to do a lesson every day. You can stay on the same lesson as long as you want. The key is making sure you do NOT do more than 1 lesson a day.

    I would recommend everyone get this book and start doing the lessons. It is powerful what it does for you. As each lesson builds on the others.
  • The text – this is 600 pages of intense, insightful writing about things that when you apply and realize them, will leave you happier and more fulfilled in life. I have read the entire text once, and I am reading it again.

    The text was designed to be read along with the lessons. To help give a more profound and meaningful interpretation of the daily lessons.
  • The workbook for teachers.
    Once you have began to apply the principles in your life, the workbook helps those who want to help teach it.
    What makes the best way to really understand and learn something? To teach others. And this part of the book will help you figure out how to do that.

Quit Cigarettes in 60 Minutes
This is a seminar that is also not necessarily for everyone.

It is a 4 day training that teaches people how to work with smokers and get them to quit cigarettes in 60 minutes. It is highly effective and powerful. The techniques that are taught (and used to help people quit) are a combination of NLP, reframing, and Hypnosis.

Each session is customized to the smoker and their reasons, excuses and desires to quit cigarettes.

I am actually one of the teachers of this system.
But unlike most other seminars, we also put the business in a box for you as well.
Because so many good healers and therapists are broke because they have no idea how to market. And they live under the false belief that if you are good, you will be busy without marketing. Which unfortunately is completely not true.

So we teach you how to use this system and literally make $1,000 a day or more doing it. We have had students that are mothers with no education beyond high school making $1,000 a day and more, all the way through the gamut of chiropractors making $1,000 a day doing so.

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming
This is great for people in business, people with kids, people who are in relationships, or just about anyone who has to interact with other human beings on a regular basis.

It helps you understand how the human mind works, and in knowing how the mind works, you can more easily communicate and get your desired results you want with the people in your life. Extremely powerful.

There are many teachers of NLP, and of course, I have my favorite, as well as many others. The link above is to my favorite instructor.

NLP is also extremely effective at helping to get rid of Phobias. And believe me, phobias are relatively easy to get rid of. Even though they can be so life changing and crippling for people who have them.

Time Line Therapy
This is also not necessarily a seminar for everyone to take. But definitely a good system for people to have done on them.

Time Line Therapy actually helps get rid of your stored emotional baggage. It helps eliminate the decisions and beliefs in your life that are holding you back. And it helps remove anxiety and fear from future activities.

You tell me, would that be useful for you?


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