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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

Believing What You Want

This is a conversation that started with someone telling me they were on Blood pressure medication and that their innate wisdom told them to take it through a muscle test. And here is my response to it all:

With all the respect in the world, having respect for medicine is the problem.
There is a difference between emergency medicine and symptoms and disease medicine.
One is awesome, and the other we would be better off without. Because instead of just treating the symptoms, people would be forced to deal with the problems, instead of covering up the symptoms.

If you quit the BP medication, would your blood pressure stay improved?
Nope, so you are not dealing with the cause.

I would highly recommend reading chapters I think 8-10 in my book. The ones starting with Medicine being the third leading killer of Americans.

Treating symptoms and disease is the problem. And no matter how you do it, with drugs, vitamins, chiropractor, or BodyTalk, that is the problem. Treating symptoms and disease.

Yes, the individual people in the professions, like your daughter, and doctors and nurses have a great heart and want to help people. But what they don’t realize is they are slowly killing their patients with the poisons they call medications that cover up symptoms and never treat the problem or cause.

I would not be surprised at all about the number of medical doctors and medical professionals who are turning to alternative methods of treating symptoms and disease.

What blows me away is that in the face of facts, that people still believe whatever they want.
People have opinions because they have them.
And what is interesting to me, is even in the face of fact, some people will fight to hold on to their beliefs and opinions.

I mean when every single time Doctors go on strike, the death rate drops, as a proven statistic, people still think medicine is a good idea because the people who are rendering it have good intentions. That is amazing.

Just my opinion, but soon, people will wake be looking back going, wow, I cannot believe we actually thought that was a good idea.
That being treating symptoms and disease.

Kind of like we do to the witch trials now. Everyone knew at the time, it was a good idea, it was for the best.
Yes, maybe some innocent people died, but overall, it was for the best.

And now we just look at that and laugh.

You may want to read the chapter in my book about averages and normal.
Might shed some light on some things for you.
Also, if you started taking meds for it, what are you doing to deal with the cause of your BP?
Because if you put a piece of tape over the oil light in your car, it doesn't deal with the oil problem and you will have complications later.

My guess is you are not drinking half your body weight in ounces of purified water every day. Coffee does not count as water.
And if you did this, your BP would be normal. But what do I know.

And I am not against taking drugs.
I am against taking drugs and ignoring the underlying causes.
If you are actively, and I mean actively dealing with the underlying causes, take the drugs until the underlying issues are dealt with.

The problem is, almost no one does this.
I am sure you are not.

So are you drinking half your bodyweight in ounces?

Remember, when you are asking questions using muscle testing and your innate wisdom, the words are paramount.
Priority for Medication? = yes
This means all other things staying the same?
Is there anything else you can do to not be on the meds?
Why is it a priority, because you are not doing something else?

That is why BodyTalk says, do not use muscle testing for anything other than BodyTalk and priority.
Slightly changing the words will change the answer, and all the answers will be correct.

Priority medication assumes other things staying equal. Meaning, not drinking enough water. When you are work your blood pressure is higher then when you stay at home?

My bet is you drink more coffee when you are at work then when you are at home.
Hmm, is it the cats at home, or the diuretic of coffee that causes less water in your system meaning you need Higher blood pressure because your blood is thicker and your body is smart and knows you need to get blood to all parts of your body????

I know which one I think it is. But that is just me.

The point is, until you quit treating symptoms and disease, either with meds or alternatively, you will never be any healthier.
It is the treating of symptoms and disease that is the problem. Not how you treat the symptoms and disease, I.E. drugs or natural.
If you took an herb to lower your blood pressure, it would be just as idiotic in my mind. Because you would not be dealing with the underlying problem. Ok, maybe not quite as idiotic, because there would be less side effects to the herb, but still, not smart.

Despite the fact they have not found a single weapon of mass destruction in Iraq, I know some people who still believe there are weapons of mass destruction there.
This is what I mean by people will believe whatever they want despite the facts.

Believing what ‘resonates with you’ probably means believing what feels right, and feelings are the worst gauge of what to believe. But that is coming out in my next book. : )

How about believing what works for you. That is at least better than what resonates for you.
Believing what resonates with you has gotten you high blood pressure and dangerous medications. That is not working for you.

But just my suggestion.

Your daughter can do all the research she wants, and I am glad she does not want to work for drug companies.
But until she realizes that the mind is in control of the body, and it is not the body that is a response to anything other than the mind, it all really makes no difference.

Have you watched the bruce lipton DVD? He shows how it is the mind, the perception, the beliefs that dictate your cells. Not the physical ness of the body. He is/was cellular biologist as well.

Anyway, enjoy your beliefs and everything they get you.
I will enjoy mine and everything they get me.

Resonate - to reinforce oscillations because the natural frequency of the device is the same as the frequency of the source.

So in other words, you only believe what is already in alignment with your beliefs and throw out what is not in alignment with your beliefs by your own very words you choose.

Yes, that is exactly what most people do. I.E. If you have not seen my power of beliefs video, that will explain why.
Rather than changing beliefs to fit an accurate representation of the world.

See, people want to believe that medicine is good, that drugs are good, that doctors are good.
So anything that doesn’t resonate – or fit into their existing belief systems, they through out. How convenient.
Rather than changing their beliefs to fit the new data.

Don’t fall victim to this. Change your beliefs to adapt to the new information. Not the other way around. It is the only way to sanely live in the world.


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