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Dr. Jamie Fettig

Why Trust me, Dr. Jamie?

Vaccines and Fear

Fear is one of the easiest ways that people are controlled. Especially when it comes to your own children and vaccines. Below is a question from an email subscriber, and my response to them.

Dr. Jamie,

My daughter and I came to you while in Bismarck about a year ago for her asthma and my morning sickness and gluten intolerance.  We are now living in Southern California after a brief time in Mississippi.  I wanted to thank you so much for your e-mails, especially your most recent one for the free movie tickets.  My husband and I took advantage of this and really enjoyed the Peaceful Warrior.  I continue to enjoy your work and e-mails.  Thank you for your time and your teaching-I learn a great deal from you and your articles.  I do have a question regarding your movie link regarding vaccines...I watched the video and am convinced, not only from the video, that my daughter L’s asthma was triggered by her last round of vaccines at 20 months of age.  She had PERFECT health up until her last round of vaccines at 20 months.  We got them done at Mid Dakota Clinic in January and it was in March that her health plummeted.  We are still in the throes of sickness.  In December she had to have tubes put in her ears and her adenoids taken out.  We have been to the ER so many times and she continues to have terrible upper respiratory problems, none of which existed before March 2006.  My question is where do I go from here with any more vaccines and coping with her health.  And, I just gave birth to our son in December.  He just got his first round of vaccines at 13 weeks and I am scared that he's going to get asthma and get as sick as our first daughter.  Do I just not get him vaccinated anymore?  My daughter had to get a TB shot just to go to preschool.  Will ha be able to attend school?  What are your thoughts on this matter.  I have spoken to Steph Dietz regarding her kids...I know they stopped vaccinating them, but sometimes I feel like their safer than me in the sense that Dr. Dietz does this for a living and if anything goes wrong or is challenged, that they have more resources than I have access to.  I am so scared of my sons health and can't imagine him being as sick as L.  She's on nebulizer treatment all the time and is always always sick!  Can't wait to hear your thoughts. 

Hello ,

Of course I remember you.
Congrats on the second child.

So what happened? She was doing so well at the end of the month with us?
Did you continue BodyTalk and Nerve adjustments?

There are a lot of people who don’t vaccinate their kids ever. Bottom line is you are safer and better of. You and your kids.
What always happens is the “FEAR” that the media and medical profession burn into our minds. What if my kid gets that disease and dies?

But if you go to you can find out a lot.
Like one of my favorite statistics.
More kids are harmed and killed by vaccines than the very thing the vaccines are trying to protect them from.
So if you want the best chance of safety, that statistic right there makes it obvious which is the safer thing to do.

My remedy would be education.
Learn all you can. Because Fear is only there in the absence of knowledge.
Example. When it is dark, little kids are scared because they don’t know what is there.
You turn on the light, now they know, now they have education, and the fear is gone.

It is the same with adults. You don’t’ have enough information about vaccines yet to get rid of your fear of not getting them.
When you get enough information, the fear will be gone.

One of my favorite books by Neil Z. Miller --. Vaccines.
It is extremely powerful and well referenced with medical studies.

Did you ever read my book? There is a lot of information in there designed to help get rid of the fear the medical community tries to install in us. Because fearful people you can control.

I would also recommend bowling for columbine. It talks all about fear and how it is used to control us.

Also V. for Vendetta – it is a little more violent – but also as thought provoking.



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